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Comic Book Men Series Premiere, “Junk” – Online Extras


In the series premiere of Comic Book Men, you met the crew at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash and got a feel for the eccentric sellers and merchandise that stream into the store. Now you can learn even more about the first episode by checking out the online extras below for “Junk”:

An extended scene showing more of Ming, Walt and Michael’s interaction with the woman who brings in the Chucky doll

Another extended scene featuring the man with his memorabilia handcuffed to his arm

Watch a sneak peek of next week’s episode

An extended podcast discussion of the cast’s favorite horror pics

• Two more extended podcasts: One in which the cast discusses what makes a horror movie truly horrifying, and another in which the boys discuss their backgrounds and roles at The Stash.

Vote for your own favorite super-heroine in this week’s episode poll

An open thread for this episode in the AMC Talk Forum

Video of the show’s comic book-style opening credits in full

Five new production stills from the series

Also worth your attention:

Ask Kevin Smith a question (and he may answer online)

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