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Season 7, Episode 13

Pop Goes the Stash

Kevin and the boys attend the grand opening of Funko's new headquarters, where they get honored with their very own Pop! figures.

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At the Secret Stash, a customer brings in a Clash of the Titans Kraken action figure from 1980. The original box has been opened, but the figure is still in excellent shape. Walt hasn't seen much merchandise from the film, so he definitely wants it in the store. The customer admits he's starting out high with his asking price of $800. Walt comes back at $300. The customer suggests $600 and Walt comes up to $400. They call it a deal at $450.

Ming has great news: Funko is turning the guys into Pop! figures. To boot, the guys are invited to attend the launch of Funko’s megastore in Everett, WA, just outside of Seattle. It's a huge event, but Walt backs out since he doesn't fly. He instructs the guys to go while he holds down the fort at the shop.

Back at the Stash, Rob Bruce is there to help out. Walt places an official "trainee" tag on his shirt. A customer comes in and promises to evoke "nostalgic memories" when he unveils a collection of gold and silver vintage Marvel coin medallions from the '70s. The customer wants $2,500 for the set, but Walt is curious about the Spider-Man coin in particular. Walt asks if the customer will sell it individually and offers him $300. The customer agrees but wants $400 instead. Walt comes back at $325 and they meet at $350.

Ming, Bryan and Mike fly out to Washington and arrive at the Funko headquarters where they meet Brian Mariotti, the CEO, as well as founder Mike Becker. They're given an exclusive sneak peek of the new store and walk around the various pop culture-themed rooms in wonder. Ming calls it "a fan boy's dream."

Back at the shop, a customer comes in after finding boxes of his childhood comic collection from the '60s, the Silver Age of comic books. Walt and Bruce dig through and although there are plenty of gems, they settle on The Amazing Spider-Man #50, The Avengers #59 and Creeper #1. After Bruce inspects the trio they picked out, Walt offers $180. The customer comes back at $250. Walt offers a final price of $200. It’s a deal.

Back in Washington, the big moment is here: it's time for the grand opening of the store and the big reveal of the Comic Book Men Pop! figures. The guys are blown away at the resemblance. The crowd cheers and Funko HQ is officially open. "I was never more thrilled than when I saw all four of you guys get popped," says Kevin Smith.