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Season 7, Episode 12

The Mightiest of Mortals

When Walt learns that Ming befriended actor Michael Gray (Shazam!), he decides that he must meet the "Mighty Mortal."

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At the Secret Stash, a customer comes in with two Muppets toys from the 1970s - one of Animal and one of Fozzie Bear - and she's looking to get both taken off her hands. Walt thinks customers will get a kick out of having them in the store and agrees to buy them. The customer wants $40 a pop. Walt offers $50 for both instead. She drops her ask by a dollar. Walt proposes $55. With the Fozzie Bear Muppet on his hand, Ming tells her that's a good deal. They settle on $55.

Ming requests a day off to attend an upcoming con with his friend Michael Gray, who played Billy Batson on Shazam! The guys are shocked that Ming knows Michael and Walt agrees to give him the day off if he can get Michael to visit.

A customer comes in with a Beverly Hills, 90210 Entangle board game from the '90s, a version of Twister. Walt doubts the game will fit the store's aesthetic, but Ming suggests they at least play it. The customer says they have to buy it from her first, for $100. When Walt balks, she comes down to $50. Walt offers $10 and says she can even take the game back afterwards. The customer asks for $20 and Walt obliges. The mat is laid out and the guys get a good laugh at Ming and Walt contorting their bodies, determined to beat the other. Ming stumbles and Walt is declared the winner.

Walt, Bryan and Mike wear red and yellow shirts, just like Billy Batson from Shazam!, in honor of Michael Gray's visit. They listen to Michael recollect his rise to fame. Before Ming and Michael leave for the con, the guys whip out two more shirts so they can all pose for a group photo. It's been 42 years since Michael has worn the Billy Batson attire. "This is like Fonzie wearing the leather jacket again," Walt jokes. The guys yell out "Shazam!" for the camera. Ming and Michael decide to wear their shirts to the con.

A customer comes in with ALF #48 from 1991, which was recalled by Marvel because of its controversial cover. There is a market for recalled comics, but the customer - a comic book shop owner himself - has had trouble flipping it. Unfortunately, Walt has to pass, but the customer decides to let it go for free.