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Season 7, Episode 11

A Pez-tacular Mystery

The boys take a field trip to the Pez Museum to determine if Walt is actually the owner of an extremely rare and valuable piece of Pez history.

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At the Secret Stash, a customer and her aunt bring in a copy of MGM's Marvelous Wizard of Oz from 1975 – the very first Marvel and DC collaboration. She loves the film and, in fact, manages a Wizard of Oz-themed ice cream shop. Walt inspects the book's quality and gets ready to negotiate a price. "Meet the real Wizard!" Ming jokes. The customers ask for $100 and Walt comes back at $30. The customers try for $80 and settle on $50.

Walt comes in with a box of goods after visiting a flea market. He's picked up two DC Digest books and an issue of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. He also bought a couple of knickknacks including an FDR pencil sharpener, but it's one PEZ dispenser in particular that grabs Rob Bruce's attention immediately. Rob decides to call his "PEZ guy," his buddy Shawn who curates the PEZ Visitor Center in Connecticut. Over the phone, Walt describes the dispenser to Shawn and the guys are invited to visit the museum.

Later, Mr. PoppinTwist, a balloon artist who Ming met at a con, stops by the shop. His real name is Derek and he's brought in a vintage The Love Boat model ship from 1984. Walt is impressed with the detailing and thinks it's relevant given the resurgence of many shows from the '70s. He offers $50 for it. Derrick asks for $75 instead. Ming tells Derrick to influence Walt with his balloon art to secure a better price. Derrick goes out and grabs a piece he did of Spider-Man. The guys are impressed, but when Bryan has him make one of Ming, they're really blown away. The $75 is Derek's.

The guys arrive at the PEZ museum and are greeted by seemingly endless rows of PEZ dispensers. They meet Shawn Peterson, a PEZ historian and the manager and curator of the PEZ Visitor Center. He offers them a tour of the PEZ on display and gives a glimpse of the production factory – the only one in the United States. Afterwards, the guys sit down to look at the PEZ dispenser Walt found. Shawn inspects it and says the character is of the Admiral, and only one other is known to exist in the world. It's a rarity and Shawn guesses it's worth up to $15,000 if it's authentic. Unfortunately, a closer look proves it's only a replica and is worth $20. Walt, defeated, asks if Shawn will at least give him the 20 bucks. “That doesn't even cover the tolls," Bryan says and the guys laugh.