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Season 7, Episode 9

Power Man vs. Counter Man

Walt meets his match during a heated negotiation with actor Mike Colter (Luke Cage); a "legendary" video game becomes both Walt's trash and Ming's treasure.

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At the podcast, Ming tells Kevin a customer brought some items into the store from a landfill that could "technically be considered garbage."

At the Secret Stash, a customer walks in with a box of unsold Atari cartridges uncovered at the Alamogordo Landfill in New Mexico. The games were buried in 1983 and discovered in 2014, though some people wrote off the whole ordeal as an urban legend. He also has a sealed E.T. game for Atari 2600, which he admits is a terrible game. "These are artifacts," Ming insists. Walt wonders how legendary the items really are and deems them "crap." Ming is still interested, though, and asks the customer to name his price. The customer wants $1,000 for each landfill cartridge. Ming offers $500 a pop instead, but the customer can't go lower than $800 apiece. Ming turns his interest over to the E.T. game and gets it for $25.

Mike Colter casually strolls into the shop, much to the guys' surprise. "Luke Cage!" Walt shouts. "Same guy, right?" Colter jokes. He's in the middle of filming Luke Cage Season 2, which he promises to be even darker and more badass than the first season. Colter wants to see the first time Luke Cage, also known as Power Man, meets Iron Fist in the comic. Luckily, Walt has that book in stock. He wants $30 for it, but Colter offers to sign some books if he can take the comic home for free. Walt agrees to the deal, grateful that his street cred will now go through the roof.

A customer walks in looking for Ben Cooper jigglers, something no one has ever requested at the shop. The customer reveals that she's actually the grandniece of Ben Cooper, but doesn't own every figure. Walt doesn't have any on hand, but gives Rob Bruce a call to see what he can find. Later, Rob comes in with a lot of jigglers, including Batman, Superman, Planet of the Apes, Halloween Devil and Dr. Strange. He wants $400 for the lot, but is willing to come down to $375. "She's a Cooper!" Walt reminds him. Bruce brings his ask down again, this time to $335. Walt suggests $325 instead. The customer happily accepts.

A customer comes in with an interest in Justice League Annual #2, which depicts the first appearance of Vibe, a Puerto Rican superhero. Being of Puerto Rican descent himself, the customer is excited for this issue in particular. It's a wall book and it'll run him $40. The customer mentions his upcoming birthday and tries to secure a lower price. Walt can't meet his $20 ask, but he can do $30 and promises to ring the special bell since it’s a wall purchase. It's a deal. The guys cheer to celebrate.