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Season 7, Episode 8

The Canine Crusaders

Burt Ward, the infamous Robin the Boy Wonder, reminisces about his time on the set of Batman. He also judges the Stash's Canine Cosplay contest.

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At the podcast, Walt says that although he's seen his fair share of bat cars over the years, he's never seen one quite like what came into the shop recently...

At the Secret Stash, two customers walk in and promise they have the coolest Batmobile outside. The guys walk out and see a vintage Batmobile kiddie ride from the 1960s. Walt has always wanted a kiddie ride outside of the shop and asks to test it out. They don't have a kid, but Ming fits in just fine and the utter joy on Ming's face confirms that Walt must have it. The customers want $5,000 for it. Walt hopes there is wiggle room and offers $3,000. The guys come back at $4,500 and Walt tries to get it for $3,500, but the customers stand their ground. Walt thanks them for bringing it in nonetheless.

Later, the guys brainstorm ideas for a dog adoption awareness event. Ming suggests a doggie cosplay contest, but Walt is worried about having so many dogs inside the store. Mike tries to sway him by promising a celebrity guest judge. Walt's interest is piqued and when Mike says he can get Burt Ward – a huge proponent of dog adoption – he's onboard. Mike expands on Ming's ideas and suggests they all dress up as their favorite canine superheroes.

Burt Ward, the actor who played Robin alongside Adam West as Batman, joins the guys at the shop and shares fond memories of his late friend and on-screen companion. He also shares some trivia facts, including how Bruce Lee's first ever fight scene was against Ward himself. After that, it's time to set up for the adoption awareness event.

Soon enough, the dog cosplay contest is underway. Burt tells the crowd about his giant breed rescue organization, Gentle Giants, before judging the contest alongside the guys. They see everything from dogs dressed as Spider-Man to Deadpool to The Incredible Hulk – green fur included— with special tricks performed as well. Ward even sees a canine version of Robin.

In a moment alone with the guys, Burt tells the story of how he originally got the role of Robin and beat out 1,100 young guys. Although he was told to just be himself, Ward remembers how uncomfortable the costume was. "Man was not built for tights!" he jokes.

A customer comes into the shop looking to secure a copy of Tales of the Teen Titans #44. Walt has an excellent copy on hand, right on the store wall, for $99.99 The customer offers $60 instead. Walt comes back at $85 and they agree on $75.

After the canine contestants strut their stuff, three finalists are picked and a pair of Dachshunds dressed as the pink and blue Power Rangers take home the title. The audience gives a round of applause for the Stash's first canine cosplay contest and Burt closes the show with: "Wowee zowee! To the Batmobile!"