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Season 7, Episode 7

Ode to Clerks

Kevin Smith and the guys attend a premiere screening of Shooting Clerks, a film about themselves and how Clerks came to be.

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At the Secret Stash, a customer comes into the store looking for some Wonder Woman merchandise from the Silver and Bronze Age. The guys show a customer their Super Friends Action Valentine Playbook from the '80s. The customer falls in love with the do-it-yourself crafts and Walt admits it's a book you don't see every day. He prices it at $100 and the customer tries to wiggle the price down to $50. Walt offers $80 and they call it a deal at $75.

At the end of a work day, a customer walks in and Walt says they're closed. The guys realize it's Rosario Dawson and welcome her with open arms. Ming asks her about her experience acting in the Marvel Universe. Rosario geeks out with the guys for a bit, then recalls filming Clerks with Walt. The guys mention they still have Rosario's Becky costume from the Clerks franchise along with a bunch of other memorabilia. Rosario takes a selfie with the guys in her signature yellow jacket and glasses from the movie.

A customer walks in looking for The New Mutants #87, which includes the first comic appearance of Cable. The guys talk about the character's upcoming film appearance in Deadpool 2. The customer thinks the issue will increase in value soon and wants to invest early. He's hoping to pay $100 for it, but that price is way too low for Walt, who wants $170 for it. Walt dips to $160 but the customer tries for $125. Walt has to stick to his guns as he knows someone will pay his price, but the customer only has $150 on him. Walt lets him have it for $150.

Brian O'Halloran, who played the role of Dante in Clerks, walks in the shop with a group of guys including Christopher Downie, the director of Shooting Clerks, a biopic about the making of Kevin Smith's iconic flick. The film's crew and cast praise Kevin as a hero to them and invite the guys to the screening. "It's your life on screen," Christopher promises them.

At the film’s premiere in Atlantic Highlands in New Jersey, moviegoers gather. Kevin Smith greets the crowd and sits down to watch the flick along with Jason Mewes and Kevin's mom. Kevin cries as he watches his life on screen and the crowd erupts in applause.