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Season 7, Episode 6

In a Galaxy Very Nearby

With rare and interesting Star Wars items making their way into the Stash, Walt offers up big cash to try and score a beacon for the store.

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At the podcast, Walt says the most scandalous piece of Star Wars merchandise came into the shop…

A customer walks into the Secret Stash with a risqué Topps Star Wars #207 C-3PO Error Card, which Walt calls "the schlong card." Legend has it, a piece of the C-3PO costume supposedly fell off just as the camera snapped the photo depicted on the card. The guys recall that most of the cards were pulled and only a few got out into the public. The customer wants $50 for it, but Walt offers $10 instead. The customer suggests $40 and Walt bumps his offer up to $20. The customer comes back at $30 and they meet in the middle at $25.

A customer stops by with a pre-production piece that never saw the light of day. It's a Kenner Power of the Force Prune Face Proof and it's in mint condition with a 95-score graded by the Action Figure Authority. As far as the customer knows, there are only two graded pieces out there like it and he wants $5,000 for his. The guys simultaneously balk, but Walt wants a second opinion and calls in Rob Bruce. Rob comes in and admits $5,000 is not realistic, but values it in the $2,000 - $3,000 range. Walt tries to work with the customer, but the costumer isn't biting. Walt wants to prove he can buy big and offers a final price of $3,000 in cash, but the costumer is convinced he can get more elsewhere. "You've got ice in them veins, brother!" Walt says as he watches the piece go.

A customer walks in looking for a wedding gift for her fiancé. Her wedding is Star Wars-themed and she's looking for something to fit the theme, specifically something Han Solo-related. Walt knows the perfect item: a Gentle Giant Han Solo in Carbonite action figure, which depicts one of the customer's favorite scenes. Walt wants $200 for the figure and the customer tries to get him to come down to $150. Walt is willing to knock $25 off as a wedding gift and the customer accepts.

A customer comes in with a lot of Star Wars figures from around the world. He admits that they're unlicensed, but they're rare nonetheless and predicts the whole lot is worth between $45,000 and $60,000. He's looking to raise money for muscular dystrophy and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to charity. Walt is interested in the French Yoda figure and wants to make up for his failure to acquire the Prune Face piece earlier. The customer names $3,000 as his price. Walt tries for $2,000, then agrees to meet in the middle at $2,500. "I'm ready to run with the big dogs!" Walt exclaims. The guys howl in excitement.