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Season 7, Episode 5

Stash Bash

Jay & Silent Bob cosplayers take over the streets of Red Bank as the Comic Book Men attempt to make history by setting a Guinness World Record.

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At the podcast, Walt mentions the impact that comic book character deaths have on sales…

At the Stash, a customer walks in with the platinum edition of Superman Volume 2 #75, which features the death of Superman. It's signed by editor and writer of DC Comics, Mike Carlin. Walt calls the book “the most valuable death of Superman comic,” but only 10,000 were printed and the book is not as rare as one may think. Nonetheless, Walt has never had a platinum edition comic on the wall and he’s interested. The customer wants $250 for it. Walt comes back at $100 and the customer tries for $225. Walt suggests $125 and the customer comes back at $190; they meet at $150.

The Stash is celebrating its 20th anniversary and the guys have been tasked with planning an epic celebration. Walt suggests shutting down Broad Street and gathering a crowd of Jay and Silent Bob cosplayers – enough to set a world record. The guys are in.

A customer walks in with a Robert Cop 2 statue, a bootleg version of the RoboCop doll, and shares his love for counterfeit toys. Unfortunately, Walt fears the message it may send if he allows it into the shop and passes on the sale. Just for fun, Walt asks how much it'd go for and the customer says it runs for $200. Walt is shocked at the high price tag and thanks the customer, nonetheless, for bringing it in.

A huge crowd of Jay and Silent Bob cosplayers arrive outside the shop wearing beanies, trench coats, wigs and fake beards. Kevin Smith arrives with a box of donuts and greets the hundreds of people. It's also Kevin's birthday weekend to add to the festivities. An official adjudicator from the Guinness Book of World Records arrives to verify the event. Ming suggests the guys dress up and join the crowd as well. Kevin's wife, Jennifer Schwalbach, also shows off her Silent Bob costume and Kevin says it’s like looking in a "thinner feminine mirror."

Jason Mewes arrives and joins Kevin on a makeshift stage outside to address the cosplayers. "Saying 'you look great' would be self-serving," Kevin jokes. The adjudicator tells Kevin and Jason to join the crowd so they can be counted as well before revealing the final number of participants. Unfortunately, there were several deductions for costumes that did not meet Guinness’s standards, but the crowd remains hopeful. The mark to beat is 250 and the final number is revealed as 284. The official attempt for the largest gathering of people dressed as Jay and Silent Bob is a success and the guys are presented with a certificate and welcomed to the Guinness Book of World Records family. Pasquale Menna, the mayor of Red Bank, serves Kevin with the key to the city and declares the day "Kevin Smith Day." The crowd erupts in cheers.