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Season 7, Episode 4

Method Man’s Mego

Influential actor and rapper Method Man talks to the guys about his extensive comic book collection. Starsky & Hutch gear takes over The Stash.

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At the podcast, Walt says he loves when items come into the shop that transport him right back into his childhood…

A customer invites the guys outside to see his Ford Gran Torino. It’s an actual stunt car used on the show Starsky & Hutch, and it’s one of only three left in the world. The car even has replicas of the sweaters the characters wore and replica guns inside. The customer – a police officer himself – is not willing to sell such a rare possession, but he does have some themed merchandise in the trunk. The guys dig through and are amazed. Walt wants the walkie talkies and socks, which the customer charges $100 and $40 for, respectively. Walt asks him to come down a little and they agree on $100 for both items. Walt has one more request: to be taken for a ride. He throws on his new socks and they hit the road.

Method Man strolls into the shop. He's a big fan of the show and comics in general, and praises the Stash as one of the coolest shops in the entire world. Method Man brags about his collection of over 30,000 comics and he's brought his most prized possession – The Incredible Hulk #181, which features the first full appearance of Wolverine. He's curious about the value and Mike steps in to assess it. Mike is amazed at the condition and that it still has a very crucial feature intact – a value stamp. Mike scores it as an 8.5+ and prices it at $1800. Walt invites Method Man to have a look around and he sees an Aquaman Mego figure from 1973 that catches his eye. Walt says it's $400.

A customer comes in with a copy of Eminem/The Punisher #1, a comic put out by Marvel to promote Eminem's Relapse album in 2009. The book is rare itself, but it's also signed by Stan Lee. Walt says the book is in almost perfect condition and the customer even says he has the only copy. Because of that, he confidently asks for $1400. Ming steps in to test his negotiating skills and offers $200. The customer requests $800. Ming comes back at $250. The customer comes down to $525 because he really wants the Stash to have it. Ming offers $275, but the customer won't go lower than $500. Walt accepts the deal.

Method Man praises Kevin Smith’s films, then whips out his Jay and Silent Bob action figures so the guys can get them autographed for him. The guys are happy to make it happen.

A customer stops by to see the shop's Medieval Spawn Resin statue from Todd McFarlane. "She's hideous! I love it!" the customer exclaims. Walt prices the statue at $350. The customer doesn't want to spend more than $300, but Walt draws the line at $325. The customer buys it.

The price for the Aquaman Mego figure is steep for Method Man, so he offers to freestyle for the guys just like Darryl McDaniels did when he stopped by. After the rap, the guys applaud and Method Man happily takes his new toy.