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Season 7, Episode 3

Hail to the King

The Stash & Red Bank cosplayers celebrate the Centennial of the late, great Jack Kirby, one of the greatest innovators in comic book history.

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Full Recap

At the podcast, Walt says a historical item came in this week…

At the Secret Stash, two customers come in with four copies of Fantastic Four #12 from 1963, which features the first time The Hulk and The Thing face off. The customers actually have 24 copies of the same issue in total, but are looking to unload a few. Mike sees some imperfections on a few of the copies, but one looks particularly promising to Walt. "You're like the Goldilocks of comics!" jokes Bryan. The customers want $500 considering how hard the book is to find, but Walt tries for $300. The customers come back at $450 and Walt offers $375. The customers are about to walk away, but Walt is able to offer $400. It's a deal.

Walt tells the guys about Jack Kirby's birthday coming up. The legendary comic book artist would have been 100 years old and Walt wants to have a special celebration at the shop. Ming suggests hiring cosplayers and Mike suggests also reaching out to Kirby’s grandchildren to get involved.

A customer walks in with a copy of Fantastic Four #52 from 1966, which features the first appearance of the Black Panther and the guys admire Kirby's work on the cover. The guys talk about the upcoming film and predict the book will be a popular one once the movie is released. The customer wants to sell the book and use the money to buy a helmet for his Black Panther cosplay costume. He wants $350 for it, but Mike steps in and points out some visible issues. Walt has to come down to $75 instead and the customer comes back at $100. Walt offers $85 and they meet at $95.

Soon, it's the day of the Kirby birthday party. A horse and carriage arrives to escort Jeremy and Tracy Kirby, Jack's grandchildren, and they're ready to celebrate the legacy of their grandfather. Inside the shop, cosplayers wear costumes of some of Kirby's most famous comic characters. Tracy and Jeremy wear crowns and robes and unveil a few surprises themselves, including original artwork and the original concept piece of the Black Panther – something not many people have seen. Tracy and Jeremy also share their experience growing up as Kirbys and fond memories of spending time in Jack's studio.

Later, the guys thank the Kirbys for stopping by and to help celebrate even more, the guys gift them with a custom-made Captain America shield with Jack's image etched onto it. "We are going to fight over this!" declares Tracy.