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Season 7, Episode 2

Nightmare on Broad Street

Legendary horror icon Robert Englund, aka Freddy Krueger, personally delivers a birthday present to Ming.

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At the podcast, Kevin Smith wants to know if any "stranger things" have been happening at the store this week...

At the Secret Stash, a customer walks in with something he's sure the guys have never seen before: a Linda Blair dummy from The Exorcist. The guys didn't know merchandise existed from the film and, as it turns out, the dummy is a custom-made piece. The customer admits the doll scares him and he's ready to get rid of it. The guys try their hands at ventriloquism, but it's harder than it looks. Walt thinks there's always a market for unique products, so he's interested but can't meet the $300 asking price and tries for $100. The customer suggests $200 and Walt comes back at $150. If it means he can get rid of the creepy doll, the customer is eager to oblige.

The guys wish Ming a happy birthday, even though he was sure they all forgot. They have him sit down as Walt makes a cryptic phone call and tells Ming to watch the front door. Shortly, actor Robert Englund — better known as Freddy Krueger — walks in; clawed hand and all. Ming is astonished to see his favorite horror icon in the flesh and wastes no time before picking his brain about his career and the early years of Nightmare on Elm Street. The actor says some of his inspiration came from Klaus Kinski's Nosferatu as well as Jimmy Cagney and Broadway star Bob Fosse.

A customer comes in with a lot of Marx Universal Monsters from 1963 in mint condition. Walt practically salivates over the collection and fondly remembers a time when horror films were simple. The guys wonder why Dracula wasn't included in the line, but nonetheless, Walt is more than happy to buy the collection. The customer wants $500 for it, but Walt can't offer more than $225. Unfortunately, the guys can't agree on a price and Walt has to see them go.

While talking with Englund, the horror icon also recounts auditioning for Apocalypse Now and being brought to the George Lucas casting office, where they were still looking for a Han Solo. It was there he saw the sample script for the Luke Skywalker audition and encouraged Mark Hamill - his roommate at the time - to audition.

A customer who previously stopped by the store with a Kreskin's ESP board game returns to the shop, this time with a vintage Ouija board from 1972. Walt suggests using the board to contact the late Bob Kane, the creator of Batman. They ask Kane's spirit if Walt or Ming is more intelligent. The board spells out "manager" and Walt declares it a sign. The customer wants to sell the board for $60, but takes Walt's $18 offer.

Later, Englund unveils a gift for Ming — his very own clawed glove and signature striped sweater. Mike brings out a cake that reads "See you in your dreams" and Englund cuts a slice for the birthday boy with his infamous claw glove. "God only knows where these blades have been!" he jokes.