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Season 7, Episode 1

Return of the Living Stash

Kevin Smith and the guys discuss how The Walking Dead started out as a comic book and became a cultural phenomenon.

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With The Walking Dead heading into its 8th season, Walt tells the guys at the podcast that he's seeing more memorabilia come into the shop these days. "It's not crazy to compare The Walking Dead to gold at this point," says Walt. "These books are literal printed money," agrees Kevin.

At the Secret Stash, a customer strolls in with a briefcase and reveals The Walking Dead issue #100, where Negan makes his iconic debut. It's one of the best-selling comics of the decade and the customer has the limited edition red foil cover depicting Negan's signature barbwire bat named Lucille. The guys share their love and hate for the villain and relive the horrible lineup scene from the character's entrance in both the comics and the television show. Mike notes there's only been 250 copies of the book made, the smallest print run of any comic, but won't meet the customer's $2,000 asking price. The customer comes down to $1000 and Walt tries to get it for $700. They eventually agree on $800.

A young customer comes in looking for an original signed sketch by Greg Nicotero, Executive Producer on The Walking Dead and legendary special effects guru. She herself is going to school to study special effects makeup. Ming wants $500 for the piece, which he considers a "friendly price." "That's why you have no friends!" Walt jokes. Walt suggests Ming give the customer a trivia quiz and knock off $50 for each question she answers correctly. The customer plays the game and astonishes Ming by getting every answer correct until she's down to a $300 price. Ming calls it a deal.

A customer walks in knowing exactly what he's looking for: The Walking Dead #19, where Michonne first appears. "Katana-swinging badass with a mysterious past. Who doesn't relate to that?!" he says. The customer really wants it in his collection, but the $399 price tag is a bit too high. He tries to get it for $300 and Walt suggests $375. They meet at $350.

The guys imagine what pop culture weapons they'd use during a real apocalypse. Walt thinks he's worthy enough to wield Mjolnir, Thor's hammer from the Marvel universe, while Mike thinks he can use the force to handle a lightsaber. Ming chooses Doctor Who's sonic screwdriver and Bryan wants to fly a TIE fighter over a herd of the undead.

Later, a customer walks in with a lot of The Walking Dead omnibuses #1 - 3, signed by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, comic creator and artist respectively. The guys admire the larger versions of the work featured in this particular letterbox-style medium, but do spot some imperfections on the covers. The customer admits he didn't think he'd ever be selling them, but recently found out he's going to be a father. Walt offers $300 for #2 and #3, while the customer wants $450 for all three. Walt suggests $350 for the pair and the customer accepts.

At the podcast, the guys wonder what iconic show moments will go down in history 40 years from now that will be comparable to those such as I Love Lucy's chocolate factory scene. Kevin closes the podcast out with: "Remember, kids: If they kill Daryl, we riot!"