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Season 6, Episode 16

Reverse Stash

The boys get a visit from Tom Cavanagh who plays Reverse Flash on The Flash TV series. Walt sniffs out a Golden Age classic with Human Torch #2.

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At the podcast, Walt says one of the oldest comics books came into the shop...

At the Secret Stash, a customer and his grandfather walk in with a pile of "golden age" comic books, including Batman #11. Walt pauses when he uncovers a copy of The Human Torch #2, carefully takes it out of its protective sleeve and smells it. "I want to smell that for eternity," Walt jokes. The grandfather explains that he was given the books in 1965 from the previous owner of a house he bought. Walt wastes no time sharing his interest, but wants to talk about The Human Torch #2 specifically. The grandson boldly asks for $12,000, but Mike spots a few flaws, so Walt tries to bring him down to $5,000. The customer comes back at $10,000 and Walt suggests $6,000. Unfortunately, the customer can't go lower than $9,500 and Walt lets the book go.

Tom Cavanagh, from The Flash, strolls into the store and greets the guys. He mentions Kevin Smith directed an episode of The Flash and suggested Tom stop by if he was ever in the area.

At the podcast, Kevin praises Tom's portrayal of Eobard Thawne aka the Reverse-Flash and gives kudos to the show. "Every week, they make something worthy of cinema," he says. He recounts how he learned a new word on set, "zoop," used to describe the Flash's fast movements and shares some behind-the-scenes bits about how Grant Gustin's scenes are put together.

Back at the shop, Tom admits he loves playing a villain and echoes a quote from Stan Lee: "The antagonist has to be worthy of the protagonist." Before Tom goes, the guys gift him with a Funko Pop! Reverse-Flash figure. "Doesn't that terrify you?" Tom says of the figurine.

Later, a customer stops by with the first five issues of Kamandi. They're in impeccable shape and Walt notes they sold very well in their day. The guys praise the creator Jack Kirby's artistic talents and Walt is confident he can immediately flip them. The customer wants $60 a pop for the whole lot, but Walt balks and offers $50 flat. The customer comes back at $150 and Walt offers $75 as a final deal. The customer accepts.

A customer walks in with a copy of The Mighty Marvel Comics Strength and Fitness Book from 1976. Mike used to own the book, but Walt was never able to convince his mom to buy it for him. Ming and the customer demonstrate some of the featured exercises and the guys all have a good laugh. Afterwards, Walt is ready to talk business. The book is in astonishing shape given its age and the customer asks for $65 for it. Walt won't make any profit at that price and suggests $30. The customer lowers his ask to $45 and they meet at $40. After Walt recommends staying after work and exercising, Bryan massages his own scalp and pretends to break a sweat.