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Season 6, Episode 15

The Amazing Walter

A Kreskin ESP game reveals Walt’s secret powers of cognition. Items inspire discussions about Mork from Ork and Dick Tracy’s Rogues' Gallery.

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Full Recap

At the podcast, Walt asks Kevin what comes to mind when he says "nanu nanu"...

A customer walks into the Secret Stash and greets the guys by saying, "nanu nanu." She has a Mork & Mindy Mork doll from the late '70s. Walt notices the figure is upside down and the customer explains it was designed to mimic Mork's "sitting" on the show. The doll is in unbelievably pristine condition, but the customer wants to sell it to save up for a tattoo of a Robin Williams quote: "You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." Ming does his best Mork impression and the customer gets a kick out of it.

At the podcast, the guys choose their favorite Robin Williams movies. Walt picks Popeye, Ming goes for One Hour Photo, while Mike deems himself a "Mrs. Doubtfire man."

Back at the store, the customer wants $75 for the talking doll, but Walt won't make any profit, so he suggests $40. The customer comes back with $65 and they settle on $50. "K.O.!" Walt echoes Morty's catchphrase.

A customer stops by with a Kreskin's ESP board game from 1966. Ming reminds the guys that the Amazing Kreskin predicted the Super Bowl outcome last year. The customer shows off the game and instructs Ming to concentrate on a card. To the guys' surprise, Walt guesses the card correctly. The customer "predicts" Walt will give him $60 for the game, but Walt bursts his bubble and offers $25. The customer asks for $50, but lets it go for $35.

At the podcast, Kevin recounts meeting Robin Williams while serving as Co-Executive Producer for Good Will Hunting and how Williams told him, twenty years later, people still remembered him as Mork: "Movies are special," Williams said, "but TV puts you into people's homes. Every week, you're a family member."

Later, a customer stops by with a massive collection of Dick Tracy action figures from 1990, including one of the Tramp, a rare find. The customer calls the collection his "best score," but he needs cash for a move. He wants $600 for the lot, but Walt doubts many people have affection for the franchise, so he has to pass.

A customer walks in with interest in Werewolf by Night #32, which depicts the first appearance of Moon Knight. It's the most expensive issue in the comic's run, but the customer hopes the book gains popularity if Moon Knight gets a dedicated series. The customer shares his success in buying low and selling high when it came to The New Mutants #98 - the first Deadpool appearance - and Batman Adventures #12 - where Harley Quinn first appeared. Walt wants $400 for the book, but the customer notices some wear and offers $300. Walt suggests $375 and they meet at $350. Bryan asks if Walt feels any responsibility if the book doesn't sell. "You could throw the country into a depression!" Bryan jokes.