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Season 6, Episode 14

Marky Ramone-Bot

Ramones drummer Marky Ramone shows off his artwork and bonds with Walt over old school robots. A King Kong item bring the boys back to 1975.

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At the podcast, Walt asks Kevin if he recalls his very first number one issue of a comic book. Kevin refers to number one issues as "starting the journey"...

At the Secret Stash, a customer comes in looking for a copy of Tales of the Zombie #1. Walt explains how back in the day, comic books weren't allowed to depict zombies and how zombies didn't always eat flesh. The gang spots several big names like Stan Lee, John Buscema and Steve Gerber in the list of contributors to the book.

At the podcast, the guys talk about the transformation of zombies in pop culture. Kevin mentions how the word "zombie" was censored, but Marvel got around it by using the term "zuvembie" in their books.

Back at the store, Walt requests $45 for the issue. The customer comes back at $30, and Walt offers to knock five bucks off. She asks for $10 off instead, to celebrate her first number one issue. Walt agrees.

Rob Bruce stops by the store with Marky Ramone, the drummer from the Ramones. Walt refers to him as "rock ‘n’ roll royalty." The guys learn that Marky is a huge robot collector and makes his own robots out of old cell phones. He shows a couple of his models off, and Walt likens them to Tobor the Great. Marky recounts how while on tour, he'd go to collectible shops in various cities. "No groupies. Just sci-fi and robots," he says.

At the podcast, Kevin likens Walt's passion for comics to punk rock and standing up for your interests. Walt jokes that he's a lost Ramone member.

Back at the shop, Marky heads out and advises the guys to "keep rockin'!"

Later, the guys discuss their favorite Ramones song. Both Kevin and Ming choose "Blietzkrieg Bop" and Mike chooses "I Wanna Be Sedated," and Kevin reveals he tried to secure the rights to that song for Mallrats.

A customer walks in with three King Kong-themed Burger Chef glasses from the '70s, which Walt owned as a child. Walt and the customer share their love of the snake fight scene in the 1976 movie, and Walt calls it his favorite moment in cinematic history. Walt admires the condition of the glasses and personally wants them. The customer asks for $40 for the lot. Walt makes a counter-offer of $25 and the customer immediately accepts since Walt is such a huge fan. The guys toast "to Kong."

A customer walks in with an interest in The Uncanny X-Men #130, which includes the first appearance of the Dazzler, a musician who can turn sound into light and use her mutant powers to enhance her stage shows. The customer mentions his grandfather is Neil Bogart, president of Casablanca Records, who had a role in creating the Dazzler. It turns out that Walt was a big fan of disco as a kid and praises the contributions of the customer's grandfather. Walt gives him a $10 discount on the book. After the customer heads out, Walt shows off his disco moves and spells out YMCA with his body.