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Season 6, Episode 12

Daughter of the Demon

Actress Katrina Law from Arrow drops by to pick up a copy of Batman #232. Old school items involving Popeye, Dynomutt, and Pogs get some love.

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At the podcast, Walt says a guy came into the store with something that combined three things he loves: Saturday morning cartoons, dogs and robots...

At the Stash, a customer brings in a copy of Hanna-Barbera's Dynomutt #1 from the '70s. Walt has always admired the bionic dog cartoon, but Ming admits his first impression was "a gray Scooby Doo in a superhero outfit." Both guys concede that the dog's voice was bothersome and Ming does his best impersonation, spewing spit everywhere, much to the guys' amusement. The guys fondly remember the ritual of Saturday morning cartoons and how things have changed in modern times. The customer is looking to sell his book for $25, after buying it on a whim. Walt knows there aren't many Dynomutt fans out there, so the customer lowers his price to $20. They settle on $15.

Ming gets a surprise visit from a convention buddy -- Katrina Law, who grew up in New Jersey and now plays Nyssa al Ghul on Arrow. Katrina is looking for a copy of Batman #232 that Ming promised, which features the first appearance of her character's father, Ra's al Ghul. The book marks Katrina's first official comic purchase, and she considered giving it to her cast-mate and onscreen dad, Matt Nable, but now wants to keep it. The guys talk with Katrina about her work and learns she has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. "I could kick you in the face very easily," she teases. Walt is ready to binge the whole show now and see Katrina in action, but still coolly announces the comic is $500. Katrina is ready to pay up, but Ming gets Walt to bring his price down to $400, "for family."

At the podcast, Walt and Kevin admire how both Green Arrow and Batman technically don't have any superpowers. "I don't look at Superman and see myself," Kevin shares. "But with Batman and Green Arrow, you just have two guys that trained insanely hard."

Back at the store, a customer walks in with a talking Popeye puppet from 1967, which Walt also owned as a kid. The guys talk about the character's history in pop culture and the customer mentions a Popeye village exists in Malta, where the 1980 film was set. Walt wants the puppet back in his collection, but can't meet the customer's $250 asking price. He suggests $150 instead, knowing the demand isn't high for the toy. The customer asks for $200 and they meet at $175.

Later, two brothers stop by the shop with their collection of Pogs. Bryan compares it to today's PokÈmon Go and Walt remembers their plan to buy a million Pogs and sell them for a dollar each. The brothers want $50 for a lot of over 200, but Walt laughs and offers $10. The brothers come back at $30, but the best Walt can do is $12. They accept. "Keep an eye on Forbes magazine for us!" Bryan jokes.