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Season 6, Episode 11

Return of the Mewes

Jason Mewes hangs with the boys and inserts himself into transactions involving a Deadshot statue and a vintage Death Star Space Station.

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At the podcast, Walt tells Kevin that Jason Mewes stopped by the shop...

At the Stash, a customer asks to take a peek at a DC Collectibles Deadshot statue and Ming notes that Walt and Jason are the biggest Deadshot fans he knows. Jason shows off the large Deadshot tattoo on his leg to prove it.

At the podcast, Kevin remembers how Jason always loved Deadshot and jokes that when the Suicide Squad film was first announced, he "rolled a single tear, knowing his hero would finally be up on the big screen." Walt remembers that he and Kevin actually introduced Jason to the character when they were younger.

Back at the store, Jason and the customer consider Deadshot an anti-hero, and Jason quickly deems him better than Deadpool, another famous comic book anti-hero. Walt wonders how, in the comics, Deadshot always misses Batman even when he's in close range, and calls him a "psychological mess" after the group analyzes his backstory. Walt wants $100 for the statue. The customer asks for $65, hoping for a deal since they both bonded over the character, but Walt suggests $90 instead. The customer offers $75 and the best Walt can do is $80, a price that would include the box. It’s a deal.

A customer comes in to sell a Star Wars Death Star Space Station from 1978. Jason wastes no time before setting up the playset and admires the fact that the original foam pieces are still intact. Jason admits he always wanted the set as a child, though the Ewok playset is still his favorite. The customer is looking for money to open up his own tattoo shop and requests $150 for the set. Walt suggests $75 instead and the customer tries for $125. Walt offers $80 and they settle on $90.

Later, the guys imagine what their suicide mission would be if they were part of the Suicide Squad. Jason proposes breaking into the Stash and stealing Bryan's underpants. "Wow, they really ran out of missions!" Bryan says.

A customer stops by to see the Rick and Morty #1 comic and bonds with Bryan over the franchise. When Walt admits he's unfamiliar, Bryan describes it as a "bizarro version of Doc Brown and Marty McFly" and admits he loves the dark jokes. Mike requests $45 for the comics. The customer asks for $30 and gets it for $35 since she’s a superfan.

Two customers roll a huge wooden crate marked "Fragile" into the shop. They pull out a replica leg lamp from A Christmas Story, which they bought at the A Christmas Story museum in Ohio where the movie’s outside exterior shots were taken. The guys plug the lamp in and Walt is sold. The guys want $1,000 for it and Walt comes back at $500. The guys lower their price to $800 and Walt offers $600. They settle on $650 and Ming is pleased. "It's beautiful," he says.