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Season 6, Episode 10

Bats Ahoy!

The Batboat docks in Red Bank, and the boys prepare for an adventure at sea. Batman’s first appearance lands on the counter of the Secret Stash.

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At the podcast, Walt says "screen-used props are big, big business now"...

At the Stash, a customer brings in a collection of Batman memorabilia: a pair of gloves worn by Adam West in the 1966 series, a letter verifying the gloves' authenticity, a photo signed by the cast and a postcard featuring Batman and Robin. "A piece of television history," he says proudly. The customer has held onto the items since his childhood, but is looking to sell the items to help his son with housing expenses. He wants $15,000 for the lot. Walt tries to bring him down to $8,000 and the customer comes back at $10,000 as a final offer. Walt can't go higher than $8,500 and the customer has to pass. "It sucks letting cool stuff just walk out the door," Mike laments.

An old friend of the Stash stops by with a briefcase. Mike asks if it holds Iron Man's armor and the customer promises something better. He opens the case and reveals a pristine copy of Detective Comics #27 - the landmark 1939 issue that features the very first appearance of Batman (a graded 8.0 copy sold for over $1 million dollars in 2010). The guys go wild. Mike admits he's seen a copy behind bulletproof glass before, but has never been so close to one. Although the customer is not looking to sell such a significant piece - he's transporting it for the actual owner - the guys appreciate him bringing it in and pose for a photo with it.

Ming tells the guys they've been invited to ride on the actual Batboat from the 1966 film. They plan to picnic by the water and make a full day out of it.

Later, a customer walks in with a vintage Batman cloth banner from 1966 that portrays the Penguin, Batman and Robin. Walt comments on the lack of Penguin merchandise in existence. The customer wants $200 so he can save up for more Spider-Man merchandise. Walt is looking to expand his own personal banner collection, but spots a few defects and suggests $140. The customer comes back at $175 and they settle on $150.

That weekend, the guys visit Marine Park and meet up with John Sprigato, a restoration enthusiast, who brought back the autographed Batboat from a museum. The guys gawk over it, but learn the boat is an exhibition piece and not the real deal. Nonetheless, they play around with a Batzooka replica and can't wait to get out on the water. Unfortunately, the boat is locked in and John informs the guys they can only sit in it. The guys bust Ming's chops for his broken promises, but enjoy their sandwiches and catch some rays on the boat in the parking lot.