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Season 6, Episode 9

Karate Kustomer

Ralph Macchio stops by looking for a rare Karate Kid playset, and Ming gets a lesson he’ll never forget. Walt flips over a pricey Mechagodzilla.

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At the podcast, Walt says "the coolest toy ever" came into the shop this week...

At the Stash, a customer walks in with a 1:100 scale Bandai Mechagodzilla bust, modeled after the character in the 1974 film Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. Walt fondly remembers the evil version of Godzilla revealed in the film and says the movie was "everything that a kid could ask for." The customer demonstrates how the toy works with a remote control, much to the guys' delight, and Walt admits he's in love with it. The customer knows his item is rare - no more than 500 were ever made - and boldly asks for $7,000. Walt comes back at $3,000. The customer suggests $6,500. Walt brings his price up to $4,000, but the customer can't let it go for that price.

Ralph Macchio, who played Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid franchise, casually walks into the Stash. Mike immediately recognizes him and the guys share their love for his movies. Ralph is looking for a The Karate Kid Competition Center set, a rare find, which includes a fully poseable karate referee action figure ñ an even rarer catch. Although it's not in stock, Walt knows Rob Bruce can track it down. While Rob is out looking for the toy, the guys get to know Ralph a little better. They talk about the infamous fly and chopsticks scene in The Karate Kid and Ralph shares some behind-the-scenes details about how it was pulled together. Ralph says the onset photographer could catch flies in his hand, which they then lassoed with monofilament fishing line, and Ralph was eventually able to catch a live fly.

Later, a customer stops by in search of Captain Planet comics. She works at a library and is hoping to donate the comics to children and educate them on caring for the environment. The shop has a few issues in stock, including #1. Walt knows the demand isn't high for the comics, so he lets the lot go for $10.

Ralph demonstrates the "wax on, wax off" technique from The Karate Kid for Ming to utilize when he's cleaning and gives him a new nickname: Mingyagi. Rob finally shows up at the store with Ralph's set and referee figure. Rob wants $320 as compensation for the set and his efforts, but Walt suggests Rob cut Ralph a little slack. "His face is on the box!" Walt exclaims. Rob brings his price down to $300, but Walt continues to press him. Rob eventually settles for $250 and Ralph happily pays up.