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Season 6, Episode 7

Wurst Episode Ever

Kevin and Harley come to town for the Yoga Hosers premiere, and Ming gets transformed into the lead villain by a special-effects makeup legend.

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At the podcast, Ming says someone brought in one of his favorite electronic toys from his childhood...

At the Stash, a customer comes in with a Big Trak, a programmable tank controlled by a keypad. Ming immediately recognizes the toy, though he hasn’t seen one since he was six. Bryan and Walt remain unmoved. Ming wants to purchase the tank for the store, but Walt balks and says Ming will have to buy it for himself. The customer wants $150 for it, but Ming tries to bring him down to $50. The customer comes back at $120 and Ming tries for $60. The customer lowers his price to $90 and Ming tries to meet him at $70. The customer offers a final price of $75, but Ming won’t budge. Bryan gives Ming five bucks to settle the deal.

At the podcast, Kevin talks about the movie he made with his daughter, Harley Quinn, called Yoga Hosers. The movie follows two Canadian girls who fight "Bratzis," one-foot tall Canadian Nazis made of bratwurst. "Obviously we're trying to win an Oscar," Kevin jokes. He’s been touring the movie around the country and put Ming in charge of screening it locally in Red Bank, New Jersey. Ming wants the event to be extra special and reaches out to Robert Kurtzman, a special effects creator who also worked on Kevin's Tusk, to transform Ming into a Bratzi.

At the store, the guys talk to Robert about his work as he makes Ming into an evil sausage. After a mustache and the final touches are applied, the guys observe the new Ming. "Now we know what he'll look like as an old man!" Bryan exclaims.

A customer walks in looking to sell a 1980 Spider-Woman-themed cork board. Walt calls pop culturist Rob Bruce over for his thoughts on the piece. Rob notes that Spider-Woman is not a common character and not much memorabilia exists in her honor. He guesses less than ten of the cork boards exist in the world. The customer wants $200 for the rare item, but Rob immediately shoots him down. Walt offers $100 instead and the customer suggests $175. Walt offers $120 and customer comes back at $150, then lets it go for $130.

At the film screening, Ming and Jason Mewes welcome guests to the event, including Brian "Q" Quinn of the Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! podcast and a couple of Clerks cast members. On stage, Ming works the crowd and brings out star, Harley Quinn. Harley mentions it’s also Kevin’s birthday and roasts her father before introducing him. Kevin takes the stage and unveils his film for the crowd.