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Season 6, Episode 5

Bionic Customer

Lindsay Wagner ("The Bionic Woman") stops in for a Silver Surfer item; Jem and Ghostbusters toys spark another round of banter.

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At the podcast, Ming says someone brought in a toy from one of his favorite '80s movies...

At the Stash, a customer brings in a playset of the firehouse featured in The Real Ghostbusters animated series, which he's looking to sell so he can buy even more merchandise from the Ghostbusters franchise. He explains the term "Real" was added to the series title because "another Ghostbusters that we won't talk about that had an ape" came before it. Walt knows that there's an interest in Ghostbusters merchandise as of late with the recent reinvention of the classic, and he's particularly impressed by the included sealed container of Ecto-Plazm. Walt also spots a figurine of Ernie Hudson and recalls the time he and Ernie ran an ice cream truck that sold comic books. Though Walt is interested in the playset, Ming admits the customer's asking price of $700 is too high. The customer comes back at $500 and eventually goes down to $250, but Walt can't go higher than $235. The customer decides to hold onto the piece instead.

A woman walks into the shop and catches Walt off-guard. It turns out to be actress Lindsay Wagner, known for starring her role in The Bionic Woman. Ming jokes about being afraid to shake her hand – because of her character's bionic powers – and opts for a fist bump instead. Walt stammers through his encounter with the star, but praises Wagner for her work and recounts the time he chose a Bionic Woman lunchbox over a The Six Million Dollar Man lunchbox growing up. The guys are stunned that Walt is so starstruck and nearly speechless. The guys share their favorite memories from the show and Walt deems it "the best day ever at the Stash."

Later, Lindsay tells the guys her sons are stunt men and she's looking for a Silver Surfer statue to gift to her oldest son, who played a double for the character. Ming brings out a Randy Bowen limited edition chrome statue – one of only 2,500 statues made in chrome. It's a treasured and sought-after piece, but Walt is so honored by Lindsay's presence that he gives it away for free. "For all the wonderful memories you gave us, it's the least we can do," he says.

A customer walks in with a Flash 'n Sizzle Jem/Jerrica and a Glitter 'n Gold Rio doll from the ‘80s animated series, Jem and the Holograms. Ming is familiar with the cartoon himself and admires the customer's Jem tattoo. She has duplicates of the dolls, so she's looking to sell the set for $140. Walt comes back at $100 and they settle on $120 instead. "Rock on, my friend!" Ming exclaims over the deal.