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Season 6, Episode 3


Ming battles a customer when a vintage 1980s Pac-Man game lands on the counter. A rare Beatles board game has the guys flipping their mop-tops!

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At the podcast, Walt remembers the song Pac-Man Fever and adds there was a "bit of an outbreak" at the shop...

At the Stash, a customer walks in looking to sell a Pac-Man Coleco Tabletop Game -- a miniature version of the classic arcade hit. Ming remembers having one in the '80s and plays head-to-head with the customer, who wants to sell it for $225. The customer claims the price is a special deal for Walt and suggests the game would be a great addition to a Super Bowl party, but he eventually brings his asking price down to $200. Walt won’t go higher than $180, and the customer accepts it.

Walt shows a customer a copy of Savage Tales #1, which includes the first appearance of the Man-Thing. The customer mentions he's got a slew of Swamp Thing memorabilia, but is looking to build his Man-Thing collection. He adds that he relates to the characters who are only judged on their appearances: "The Swamp Thing, he has all this intellect, and he wants to help the world, and all people see is this crusty monster." Bryan concurs, "I feel their pain, too." Walt wants $200 for the hard-to-find issue, but the customer notices a few flaws and suggests $125 instead. Walt offers to meet him in the middle at $150 and they call it a deal.

At the podcast, Kevin fondly recalls his love for the arcade game Centipede and making it on the "Top 10" board at his local Cumberland Farms. He admits he once stole money from his mother's purse to play and threw his brother under the bus for it: "That was the dirtiest money I've ever spent in my life!"

A customer comes in with a key issue of Justice League of America – the very first – though Walt notes the Justice League actually first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #28. The customer wants $1,200 for the book, but Mike notices some damage, including a piece of tape within the pages. Walt is prepared to offer $700 instead. The customer lowers his price to $1,100 and Walt tries to get him to accept $800. The customer comes back at $1,000, but Walt won’t budge and the customer passes.

A Beatles fanatic comes in with the Beatles Flip Your Wig game from the '60s – something Walt’s never seen before. The customer shows off his impressions of the band members -- and Yoko Ono -- before asking for $125. Walt immediately balks and the customer tries again for $80 instead. They both agree on $65.

Walt says he always thought of him and the guys as the "fab four" of the comic book retailing world. Bryan expands on the idea: "Walt the shy one, Mike the funny one, Ming the cute one and me – the one that still lives with his parents."