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Season 6, Episode 1

Bucket List

Walt & the boys go on a trip to cross off a bucket-list item: being in the presence of Action Comics #1. Four key Spider-Man issues come to the Stash.

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At the podcast, the guys catch up Kevin Smith on what's been happening at The Stash. Walt Flanagan mentions that, like superheroes, "first appearances of super villains can fetch a lot of cash, too..."

At the Stash, a customer walks in with four key The Amazing Spider-Man issues, which include first appearances of Vulture, Doc Ock, the Sandman and Electro. "And the hits just keep on coming!" Walt exclaims before admitting his mom once offered him a choice between a trip to Florida or The Amazing Spider-Man #4. "I chose Spider-Man over Walt Disney World," he says. The customer asks for $1,700 for the bundle, but his books aren't in perfect condition so Mike offers $400. The customer comes back with $1,000, but Walt won't go higher than $700. The customer passes.

A customer walks in after hitting up a garage sale and places a dog figurine on the table. Walt swoons and immediately identifies it as Duke the Super Action Dog, a favorite toy of his from his childhood. The customer asks for $100, considering Walt's reaction over it, but Walt offers $50. The customer suggests $75 and they settle on $60.

At the Stash, Walt wonders what's on the guys' bucket lists. Ming Chen wants to see all of the continents - even Antarctica - while Mike Zapcic wants to see the pyramids in Egypt. As for Walt, he's always wanted to be in the presence of the comic that he states "started it all" - Action Comics #1, which includes the first appearance of Superman. Ming suggests they all take a trip down to Baltimore, Maryland, where a copy of the comic is on display at Geppi's Entertainment Museum.

A teacher walks in with Marvel-themed folders with covers featuring Thor, the Avengers, Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Captain America, and the Amazing Spider-Man. He's looking to sell them to buy actual comic books for his students to read. He wants $150 for the set, but Mike notices some wear. Walt offers $75 instead. The customer asks for $120 and they settle on $100.

In Baltimore, the guys explore the pop culture artifacts at the Geppi Museum and spot some amazing comic books on display, including the first appearance of Batgirl and the first appearance of Iron Man. Walt finally spots the book he came to see and is rendered speechless. Steve Geppi, owner of the museum and of Diamond Comics Distributors - the last remaining comic book distributor in the U.S. - introduces himself to the guys and grants Walt's final wish: to be able to smell the comic. "The first sniff is free," Bryan Johnson jokes. "Then you're going to be coming back!" Walt inhales and is pleased.

Back at the podcast, Kevin thinks every geek should stand before a copy of Action Comics #1 because "every hero bends a knee" to Superman. "Without him, there is no superhero community," he adds.