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Season 5, Episode 13

Hometown Heroes

Phoenix Jones, a real-life superhero, visits the Stash and patrols Red Bank with the guys. Bry geeks out over a Bigfoot mask.

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At the podcast, Walt says an item came into the shop that reminded him how much he enjoyed Sasquatch.

At the Stash, a customer walks in with a replica of Andre the Giant's Bigfoot mask from The Six Million Dollar Man. "It really does look like you chopped off Bigfoot's head," Walt says as he admires the custom piece. The customer puts the mask on to seals the deal and asks for $750. The two settle on $500. "One of a kind, and it's all ours!" Walt exclaims.

Ming walks in with a customer named Ben and lets on that he's Phoenix Jones, the real-life superhero from Seattle who pursues local criminals. "Are you hanging out with Ming or about to arrest him?" Bryan jokes. Ben explains the origins of his superhero persona, which started after a car burglary, and compares the public's reception of him to that of Spider-Man's. Walt proposes that the group put on suits and make a difference on the streets. "This is a town that can use a little bit of cleaning up," Walt says. Ben declares it a plan.

A customer walks in looking for The Son of Satan #1, and admits to searching for the title for years. Ming is baffled that people hunt for comics instead of just ordering them online. "This guy is keeping you in business!" Mike reminds him. Walt asks for $35. Without hesitation, the customer accepts.

A customer walks in with a 1978 Incredible Hulk utility belt and requests $100 for it. He settles for $75.

Ben, dressed as Phoenix Jones, asks the guys about the inspiration behind their costumes. Bryan, dressed as Number Four, dons a pig mask made out of leather; Walt, the El Negotiator, wears a mariachi-inspired get-up; Mike assumes the identity of GWUN (Guy With Useless Knowledge) and quickly explains his choice of using an "N" for phonetic purposes; and Ming stands proud as Ming the Merciful, a peaceful hero.

The guys hit the streets of Red Bank, New Jersey. While patrolling, the guys reprimand a skateboarding kid and an adult for smoking cigarettes, but Phoenix Jones lectures them for not knowing what crime is. "You picked the least crime-ridden neighborhood in all of New Jersey to patrol," Kevin tells Walt. "It's a lot easier to read about a superhero than to actually be a superhero," Walt admits.