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Season 5, Episode 12

Baby Jay

Jason Mewes brings his infant daughter to the Stash to meet everyone; a customer sells comic book Slurpee cups.

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At the podcast, Walt says he was taken right back to the summer of 1975 by an item that came into the Stash.

At the shop, a customer walks in with a box of 91 comic book-themed Slurpee cups from the '70s, featuring characters like The Hulk and Black Panther. "That's a lot of brain freezes!" Ming says. After Ming stacks all the cups neatly on a table, Walt stares in disbelief at some of the B-list characters on the cups and is particularly impressed by Doc Savage and Killraven. "You take for granted today that a superhero image is plastered on every piece of merchandise you can imagine," Walt says. "When we were kids, this was it!" The guys pick out their favorite cups and the customer requests $8 a pop. Walt takes the deal and gets the customer to throw in an extra one.

Jason Mewes walks in with his baby daughter, Logan, strapped in a carrier to his chest. Walt deems her "the cutest baby I've ever seen." On his newfound fatherhood, Jason admits it's been harder than he expected. Bryan jokes, "Up until five or 10 years ago, if he walked through that door with a baby, I'd be like, 'He's trying to sell somebody's baby!'" When Logan starts to cry, Walt presents a gift bag with a mini superhero costume inside. Jason dresses his daughter in a mask and a "Jay and Silent Bob" cape, and pretends to fly her around the shop.

A customer walks in looking to buy an 18-inch, motion-activated Leatherface figure from McFarlane Toys' Movie Maniacs line. "So much blood," she notes as she praises the figure. Walt asks for $175. The customer comes back at $140. They agree on $150.

A customer walks in with a 1974 Mego Batcave Playset. "I wanted this for Christmas, but for some reason, Santa never bought it," Walt says. Ming criticizes the foldable playset. "This is where Batman and Robin would go to the computer and find out where the Joker was planning his next crime," Mike explains with enthusiasm. Bryan agrees with Ming and calls the playset "bare bones." Still, Mike and Walt are interested. The customer asks for $125, but is talked down to $100. "After forty years, Santa finally comes through!" Walt exclaims.