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Season 5, Episode 11


When Ming gets a selfie stick, he tries to go viral by filming the Stash; Walt examines bootleg toys of an '80s blockbuster.

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At the podcast, Walt says something came into the shop that "is at the top of the list as the hottest book"...

At The Stash, a customer comes in looking to sell his Batman Adventures #12. Walt notes that the book features Harley Quinn's first comic appearance, though she appeared on an animated series. "She has eclipsed Batman and The Joker at this point," Walt praises the popular villain. Kevin remembers naming his daughter Harley, not to be confused with the motorcycle. Though it hasn't hit its apex, the customer is looking to sell his copy for $1,000 in order to buy his girlfriend an exotic cat. Walt comes back at $600 and then $700, but the customer rejects his offer. "No cat and I turned down $700," Walt warns him. Still, the customer passes.

A customer walks in with the first few issues of Fangoria magazines. "It was porn if you loved horror movies," Kevin describes. The customer asks for $50 a pop, but Walt is unable to meet that price. The customer decides to hold onto them and trade them for other issues.

Ming pesters the guys with his selfie stick and claims he's using it to promote the store.

A customer walks in with what Walt refers to as "the coolest space figures that ever was because it's not Star Wars, it's not Star Trek...Darth Vader is a pion compared to Ming the Merciless." For his Flash Gordon Figures, the customer asks for $75. Walt comes back at $40. They settle on $60.

Two customers walk in with Mexican bootleg figures from the film The NeverEnding Story, noting that the black market is the only way to get the figures. They ask for $400, but Walt can only go as high as $250. Meanwhile, during the deal, Ming poses with a customer for a selfie. The customers pass on the sale.

Frustrated, Bryan breaks Ming's selfie stick, who maintains he got attention for the store online. "Walt is click-bait!" Kevin declares.