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Season 5, Episode 10

Tell ‘Em, Jim Lee!

Artist Jim Lee shares tales from the world of comics on the podcast; a comic book brings wedding bells to the Stash.

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At the podcast, Walt says a customer came in looking for a special edition of Spider-Man...

At The Stash, a customer comes in looking for Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21, the issue where Spider-Man gets married to Mary Jane. "The wedding of the '80s? I don't think it was Princess Diana and Charles," says Walt. "I think it's Peter Parker and Mary Jane." Walt sets his price for the comic, but the customer turns to girlfriend next to him, saying the comic is actually for her. He gets down on one knee, comic in tow, and proposes. She agrees to be his M.J. The guys cheer and Walt gives them the book for free as a wedding gift. "That's huge! I don't think I've ever seen you give anything away!" Ming says.

A customer walks in with a sword, delivering Inigo Montoya's famous spiel from The Princess Bride. "You killed my father. Prepare to die," she says. Walt, having never seen The Princess Bride, looks on in confusion. Ming brings him up to speed on the movie plot and the customer explains her sword is a replica, one of only 750 total, but Walt is not impressed by the movie's lack of robots and time travel. The customer promises that customers will know the movie and asks for $600. Walt comes back with $300, but Bryan proposes an idea: Walt will buy the sword for $550 and if it doesn't sell within six months, Ming has to buy it. Ming accepts the challenge.

At the podcast, legendary comic artist Jim Lee joins the guys and answer their questions. Walt asks Jim which character he never gets tired of drawing. He says Robin plays a "critical part in humanizing and making Batman more accessible" and attributes Frank Miller with helping him get into comics before the two worked together.

A customer asks the guys to join him outside to see some of his items "from one of the best '80s movies of all time." The guys are astonished when they see three Gremlins display statues. The customer asks for $5,000 for all three. Walt asks for $2,500, but the customer refuses to go that low and instead offers to split them up. "That'd be like breaking up a litter of puppies!" a determined Walt says before offering $3,500. The customer decides against the deal.

A customer walks in with a Tudor Electronics Football Game, which all of the guys owned growing up. "Remember that kid in A Christmas Story when he got that rifle? This was my Red Ryder," says Walt. The customer agrees to sell it to Walt for $150.

Kevin tells Jim that the guys framed the door he drew on featuring Superman, Batman and Jay and Silent Bob ñ a prized possession for The Stash. "The world is full of Jokers, kids. Always be Batman," Kevin declares.