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Season 5, Episode 9

Suburban Cowboys

The gang takes a trip to the Wild West.

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At the podcast, Walt tells Kevin that someone stopped by the Stash with an "overlooked" genre of comic books.

At the store, a customer walks in with a stack of cowboy comics, including Johnny Thunder, The Ghost Rider, Ringo Kid and Kid Colt Outlaw. The guys learn that the first cowboy comics appeared in syndicated newspaper strips in 1928, but had lost their popularity over the years. Ming pokes fun at Walt's excitement over the comics, but Walt reminds the group that the Lone Ranger wore a mask "well before any superheroes did." The customer asks for $125 for the lot, but Walt comes back at $50. They eventually settle for $65...if Walt also buys the customer a bagel with cream cheese.

Still brimming with excitement, Walt tries to convince the guys to go to Wild West City, a Western-themed amusement park in New Jersey. Ming worries about stepping in manure, but Walt assures the group the only thing they would be stepping in would be a scene straight from a cowboy comic. Ming finally musters a hearty "Yeehaw!" to signal that he's in.

A customer comes in with a key Spider-Man issue: Secret Wars #8. "This set the comic world on fire," Walt says of Spider-Man's black costume on the front cover. Walt marvels at the customer's near-perfect copy of the book, but is unable to meet her $100 asking price. He offers $65, but she doesn't take the deal.

Two customers walk in with a piece of Back to the Future II memorabilia from the film's 20th anniversary. The item is a life-size replica of the flux capacitor, which makes time travel possible in the franchise -- not to mention it's signed by Christopher Lloyd, who plays Doc Brown. The customers show off how it works, completely mesmerizing Ming in the process. They ask for $400, but end up selling it for $250.

At Wild West City, the guys dress for the part and greet the amusement park actors. After exploring a bit, they happen upon a man named "Cowboy Bob" who demonstrates how to use a whip. Then, the Comic Book Men take a ride on a stagecoach only to be robbed by a gang of cowboys. Walt refuses to give up his comics, though he does offer up everyone else's phones and wedding rings as a compromise. After a long afternoon of cowboy living, they sit down with a cold drink and imagine what a shop named Secret Stash Wild West would be like.