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Season 5, Episode 8

Royal Romita

Legendary comics artist John Romita Jr. draws an original piece for the Stash. Bryan's interest is piqued by an Evel Knievel toy from his childhood.

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At the podcast, Bryan tells the Kevin, Walt, Mike and Ming that something piqued his interest beyond ridiculing it: a rarity for him.

At the shop, a customer walks in with an Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle, a toy from 1973. "I've experienced my first nerdgasm," Bryan says of his favorite childhood toy. Bryan reminisces about how he used to want to be Evel Knievel and shows the guys how the toy works after not touching one for 40 years. He revs the engine and watches the bike fly off the jump ramp. "You've got a sparkle in your eye," Walt says. The customer asks for $150. Bryan balks, but Walt says he can't put a price on happiness. They settle on $100.

Legendary comics artist John Romita Jr. stops by the Stash and greets the guys. "We're talking comic book art royalty," Walt explains to Bryan. "We're lucky the carpet is red!" John talks about what it was like to grow up with his father (John Romita Sr.), another renowned comic book artist, and describes the home visits from people like Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. "It was such a novelty," he says. John admires a door donated to the shop by Jim Lee, featuring artwork of Jay & Silent Bob, Batman and Superman, and offers to create something for them as well.

A customer, clad in Wonder Woman-themed sneakers and nails, enters the shop looking to buy a treasury edition of Wonder Woman #1. "If you couldn't afford Wonder Woman #1, this book would be something you'd treasure," Walt explains about the nature of treasury books. The group geeks out over Wonder Woman being represented in the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice film and Walt asks for $45 for the book. The customer is able to talk him down to $35 if the guys each throw in a hug.

After the guys watch in awe while John works and imparts words of wisdom learned from his father, he unveils his penciled piece to the guys. It features Daredevil, Superman and Spider-Man, who wears a Jay and Silent Bob logo on his suit. "It will forever hang here at The Stash," Walt says with a smile. "Spider-Man wearing our colors? He's one of us now!"