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Season 5, Episode 7

Making Clay

Walt and Bryan audition the Secret Stash employees for a role in their new claymation film with friend and fellow podcaster Brian Quinn.

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At the podcast, Walt tells Kevin that a customer brought in a toy that he has "a big soft spot in my heart for."

At The Stash, a customer walks in and unveils his Zuni fetish Doll from the Trilogy of Terror horror film, which both Walt and Bryan agree was easily one of the greatest television movies ever made. Walt admires the beady red eyes and rooted hair, while Bryan summarizes the movie's plot for Ming who worries the toy will bring bad luck to the store. Still, Walt remains bent on having it. The customer asks for $300, but Walt talks him down to $200. As soon as the customer leaves, Walt's cash register jams and he's convinced the bad luck has begun.

Walt discusses plans for a Rankin and Bass-style holiday-themed claymation movie, much like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, which he's working on with Bryan and Brian Quinn, a fellow comic enthusiast and co-host of Walt and Bryan's "Tell 'Em Steve Dave" podcast. They agree the voice of the evil villain is an important decision to make and consider turning to the staff for help. "We won't have to pay any of them!" Walt says.

A customer walks in with a box of loose figures. Walt hesitates as he goes through them, since the Stash rarely buys loose figures, but his interest is piqued when he sees a disassembled Maskatron, a figure that has never come into the store before. Walt puts the figure together and is pleased to play with the Six Million Dollar Man's evil nemesis, but asks the customer to lower his asking price because of missing pieces. They settle on $80.

Bryan, Walt and Brian hold auditions to find the voice of their claymation's villain, Papa Blood. Among the contenders are Cousin Johnny, Sunday Jeff, Mike, Ming and Rob Bruce. When Walt tells them make it sound like "what you think the Devil sounds like," the guys are impressed with Rob's unusually disturbing performance, Mike's physical impersonation and Ming's jarring take on the character.

After the auditions are over, the guys narrow down the options to Mike and Rob. Mike is Walt's pick, while Brian thinks Rob is their guy. It's up to Bryan to make the final decision, but when they plays a teaser trailer for Kevin, Kevin realizes who Bryan ultimately chose: himself. "When it came to pure evil and darkness, there's only one name in my phonebook!" Brian Quinn says.