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Season 5, Episode 5


A hot zombie comic prompts the guys to reconsider their apocalyptic preparations. An eccentric collector comes seeking Walt's help.

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At the Stash, a customer brings in a first print of the The Walking Dead issue #1. "There's diamond, gold, and then there's The Walking Dead," Walt says. The guys start talking about the boom of the post-apocalyptic genre and the people who prepare for the end of the world. The man asks for $1,600 for his first print of The Walking Dead, but Walt doesn't want to go higher than $1,000. The man walks away from the deal with his comic, but Walt continues the conversation: he says that he, Mike, Ming and Bryan should visit an emergency preparation store to stock up on some doomsday supplies, and speculate how long they could survive the end of the world.

Later, a man walks in with an unlicensed Doctor Doom Mask, manufactured by Peru Props. Walt says that Doctor Doom is one of the best Marvel villains. He usually doesn't go after unlicensed pieces of merchandise, but he likes the well-made mask. The customer asks $400 for it, but Walt talks him down to $300.

A man comes into the store looking for Walt. The man collects stick figure drawings from comic book artists and celebrities. He says he's been looking for Walt at conventions and hasn't seen him. He flips through the pages and shows Walt that Mike, Ming and Bryan have already signed the book from a previous convention they'd attended. He asks Walt to complete his collection by drawing a stick figure in the book. Walt agrees and draws a small caricature of himself.

Later, Walt, Bryan, Mike and Ming walk into the end-of-the-world preparation store. They plan to stock up for their doomsday experiment. The store manager, Frank, tells them they'll need "Food, water and weapons." When Frank shows them the portable toilet, the guys start to feel like they are woefully unprepared for the end times. "It's better to have a plan and not need it, than to need it and not have it," Mike says to Kevin at the podcast.