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Season 5, Episode 4

Bryan Gets Bit

The guys help Bryan take a dip into the icy waters of collecting by visiting a"JAWS museum." A roll of super-powered toilet paper comes through.

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Walt tells Kevin, Bryan, Mike and Ming that the most unusual item he's ever seen came into the Stash that week.

At the Stash, a man brings in a roll of Incredible Hulk and Amazing Spider-Man toilet paper from 1979. With a comic book story written onto the toilet paper itself, Walt thinks it might be one of the rarest Spider-Man stories of all time. Walt offers the man $50 for his rare toilet paper. When the man agrees to the deal, Walt is excited for the new reading he has to do.

Later, Mike tells Walt, Bryan and Ming that the person with the largest collection of Jaws merchandise is opening up his collection for auction. Ming tells Bryan it's right up Bryan's alley since he knows how much Bryan loves Jaws. Bryan says if he was going to collect anything, it would be Jaws memorabilia. Walt is excited to see Bryan start a collection and the guys decide to go to the auction.

After, a man walks into the Stash with a 1978 Darth Vader figure with double-telescoping lightsabers. The man explains there was only a limited amount of the toys -- only 22 known in existence. Walt says it could be the holy grail of figures, but he calls in Rob Bruce, the pop culture expert, to make sure if it's the real deal. When Rob Bruce comes in, he tells Walt that it is indeed a home run. Walt's interested - until the man asks for $4,000. He says he could offer $1,500, but no higher. The man doesn't want to part with his figure for so low, and Walt says goodbye to the holy grail of Star Wars figures.

Later, Bryan takes Walt, Mike and Ming to the Jaws warehouse. The guys see many familiar props from the movie in the collection, which Bryan calls, "The Smithsonian of Jaws stuff." He spots the coat that Robert Shaw's character, Quint, wears in the movie. Bryan tries the coat on. When the collection owner reveals that the bidding on the coat would start at $80,000, the guys are shocked. Walt asks if there's anything for a "thrifty" collector. Bryan walks out with a Jaws thimble. Walt assures Bryan he might get something bigger someday.