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Season 5, Episode 3

Captain and the Clerk

Kevin talks comics with William Shatner.

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At the podcast, Kevin asks Walt, Bryan, Mike and Ming what happened at the Stash that week. Walt says something came in that wasn't comic book related, but comic strip related...

At the Stash, a customer brings in the first figures ever produced of The Peanuts. Walt and the guys discuss their favorite Peanuts characters. Walt wants the figures. The customer asks for $135, but Walt says $75 is the best he can do. The customer agrees to the deal.

At the podcast, Kevin reveals that he was given the opportunity to talk to pop culture legend, William Shatner.

Sitting down with William Shatner, Kevin asks Captain Kirk himself about his renaissance-man life. Shatner describes his latest adventures on a cross-country bike tour.

Back at the Stash, another customer brings in a Human Wolfman Mego figure - on card - from 1974. Walt and the guys reminisce about Mego Monsters from when they were kids. Walt is definitely interested in the Mego figure, but when the man says he wants $1,500 for the carded figure, he balks. Since the man knows Walt is such a fan, he lowers his ask to $1,100. Walt agrees to the deal.

During Kevin's interview with William Shatner, Kevin asks about Shatner's newest venture: a cinematic comic book called Man-O-War. "It's a comic book, it's an animated film, but it's neither," Shatner explains. Kevin discusses the legacy of Star Trek with Shatner and asks what it was like to play Captain Kirk. When Kevin asks Shatner if he'd like to play Kirk again, Shatner explains that he wouldn't. He's starting something new in comic books, and to him, that's exciting.