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Season 5, Episode 2

Holy Zap Copter!

Mike flies in the Batcopter to celebrate fifteen years at the Secret Stash.

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At the Stash, a customer comes in with an issue of The New Mutants #98, which is most notable for being the first appearance of Deadpool. Bryan and Walt talk about how Deadpool is everywhere these days. Walt says that this book is blowing up and he asks the customer how much he wants for it. The man asks for $300, but Walt talks him down to $200. "The educated consumer is the retailer's worst enemy," Bryan says.

Later, Ming reminds Walt that Mike's 15-year anniversary is coming up. Ming says they need to do something great for Mike to mark the occasion. Bryan suggests taking a ride on the Batcopter.

A man walks into the Stash looking for Green Lantern #59, which features the first appearance of Guy Gardner. The customer says he relates to Guy Gardner. Walt is surprised to hear that, since Gardner is "the Justin Bieber of the DC Universe," according to Kevin. Walt wants $180 for the issue. The customer tries to use "the power of will" to influence Walt to lower his ask to $135. Walt caves and they close the deal.

Walt calls Mike into the backroom. Mike thinks he's in trouble, but Walt pulls out a card to celebrate his 15-year anniversary. Mike is happy to read his card, but Walt tells him he also got him a present -- but they have to go get it.

Walt, Bryan and Ming bring Mike to an airplane hanger. As Mike waits in suspense, a helicopter lands in front of them. Walt points at it and says, "There is your 15th anniversary present!" He explains that Mike will get to ride in the actual Batcopter. The helicopter captain explains that it's the same helicopter that Adam West and Burt Ward sat in, among many other celebrities.

Mike climbs into the helicopter and takes off. He soars over the landscape in the original Robin's seat. "I feel like Batman right now," Mike says. When he touches down to land, he tells Walt, Bryan and Ming that it was amazing.