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Season 5, Episode 1

Wookiee Fever

Peter Mayhew ("Chewbacca") judges a wookiee contest at the Stash; one of the hottest comic books of the 1990s.

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At the podcast, Kevin asks Walt, Bryan, Mike and Ming what happened at the "fortress of comictude" that week. Walt explains that the godfather of Halloween items came in...

At the Stash, a customer comes in with a Don Post Chewbacca Mask from 1977. Walt gushes about how much he loved Chewbacca when he was young. Walt explains that Don Post masks were high end Halloween masks. Walt asks the man what he wants for it; the man comes back with $325. Walt talks him down to $250 and puts the mask on Ming. Ming gives his best Wookiee yell. Just then, Rob Bruce walks into the Stash. Walt challenges the rest of the guys to a Wookiee roar contest. When Walt suggests Rob should be the judge, Rob offers a better suggestion: his personal friend, Chewbacca himself, Peter Mayhew. Rob says if Walt can set it up, Peter Mayhew will come and judge their contest. Ming suggests they all make their costumes as well. Everyone agrees.

Later, a man walks into the Stash looking for a Spider-Man lunchbox. The man says he's going to put his ashes in the Spider-Man lunchbox and keep it as his final resting place. Walt says he wants $75 for the box, but the man asks for $50. "You're going to negotiate on your final resting place?" Walt says. The man says he'll thank Walt on his plaque if he sells it to him for $60. Walt agrees and the man leaves with his lunchbox.

In the back of the Stash, Walt, Mike and Bryan piece together their Wookiee costumes. Ming says he's already done with his costume; Bryan says that means it must be crap. Rob Bruce walks in and tells the guys that Peter Mayhew is on his way to judge the "Wookiee Off."

Later, a woman walks in the Stash with a Rom: The Space Knight figure. Walt is immediately in high spirits. He says he has to have it and pays $200 for the Rom figure set.

Peter Mayhew walks into the store and everyone greets him with questions about working on Star Wars. Walt and the guys get into their costumes and prepare for the Wookiee Off. One after another, Ming, Walt, Mike and Bryan sound off with their best Wookiee roar. After hearing them all, Peter Mayhew selects Walt and Bryan as the finalists. They face off against each other. Walt lets out a yowl that takes his breath away, but Bryan returns with a bellowing Wookiee roar. Mr. Mayhew makes his selection: Bryan is the winner.