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Season 4, Episode 16

KISS My Stash

The boys rock out at a KISS concert and Walt lives out his childhood dream of meeting Gene Simmons. Ming considers buying an arcade cabinet.

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At the podcast, Kevin asks Walt, Bryan, Mike and Ming about what came through the Stash that week. Ming says someone brought in something that reminded him of his childhood...

At the Stash, two guys bring in a 1981 Donkey Kong Table Arcade Game. Walt admits video games always befuddled him, but Ming says he loved Donkey Kong when he was about 6 or 7. Walt says the Stash isn't interested in carrying it, but Ming steps in and says he might want it for himself. The guys are looking for $700, but Ming talks them down to $500 in order to fulfill his dream of playing Donkey Kong again.

Later, a woman comes into the Stash looking for a She-Ra statue. Walt says they don't have a statue, but they do carry some 1985 She-Ra colorforms. He tells her the box has never been opened before. "You know I'm gonna change that, right?" the customer says. Walt is flabbergasted that she would depreciate the toy, but he says he's looking for $75. She talks him down to $55 and Walt says if she's going to open it up, he'd like to see what's inside. The woman breaks the seal on her new colorforms and they all take in "the smell of childhood."

Later, Rob Bruce walks into the Stash with a special gift for Walt: four backstage passes for a KISS concert. Walt says it's been a lifelong dream of his to get backstage at a KISS concert. Rob Bruce says there's something else: there's a chance his friend can get them all backstage to meet Gene Simmons. Immediately Walt says he knows what he's going to bring: his copy of the first KISS comic, created with KISS's blood mixed with the ink.

Before the concert, a customer comes in to show the original cover artwork for Wolverine #8, inked by John Buscema. The man explains that when he was a kid, he sent some comics to John Buscema to sign, but the artist accidentally lost his comics and sent him a piece of original artwork with a handwritten letter instead. The man is looking for $3,500 for the original piece. Walt says he can't go any higher than $1,900. The customer mulls it over, but he passes on the deal. Still, Walt is happy he got to see a John Buscema piece pass through the Stash.

The day of the concert arrives and the guys are all dressed for the occasion: KISS makeup. At the podcast, Walt tells Kevin he was a wreck that day. When Walt meets Rob Bruce's contact at the concert venue, he leads them to the green room where Gene Simmons is tuning his guitar. "Mr. Simmons, it's an honor," Mike says. "How did you guys get back here?" Gene Simmons asks them. Walt starts fumbling over his words as he explains it's always been a dream of his to meet Gene so he could sign the comic book that inspired his love of rock and roll. Gene Simmons explains how deeply ingrained comics are into the KISS image, and how he used to write letters to Stan Lee when he was a young kid. Once, Stan Lee sent back a postcard that said, "You will do great things," which he felt was an omen for his future successes.

At the podcast, Kevin asks the guys if they even stayed for the concert. Walt explains the concert was incredible and that they had some of the best seats in the house.