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Season 4, Episode 14

Falcon for Sale

Star Wars legend Billy Dee Williams drops by the Stash to win the Millennium Falcon the same way Lando lost it - in a high stakes card game.

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Full Recap

At the podcast, Kevin asks Walt, Bryan, Mike and Ming what happened at the store that week. Walt says, "Wabbit season officially opened at the Stash."

At the Stash, a woman comes in with a limited edition "Baseball Bugs" Looney Tunes hand-painted cel. The woman wants to sell it for $2,000. Walt tries to offer her $1,250, but the woman thinks it's too low. He passes on it, but thanks the customer for bringing the cel in to show them.

Another customer comes in with a My Pet Monster from 1986 he's looking to sell. The customer is trying to sell one of his toys so he can take his daughter to Disneyland. The man is looking for $300, but Walt tries to talk him down to $175. The man doesn't want to part with his Monster for so little, but thanks the guys for their time.

Later, Billy Dee Williams, a.k.a. Lando Calrissian from Star Wars, comes into the Stash looking for a giant replica of the Millennium Falcon. Ming brings over the massive toy and Walt tells Mr. Williams he's looking for $1500 for it. Instead, Billy Dee proposes a card game to gamble over the Millennium Falcon. If he wins, he only has to pay $500 for the spaceship, but if he loses, heíll pay full price. Walt doesn't know poker or blackjack, but he says he's a champion at Go Fish. Billy Dee Williams agrees to play for the Millenium Falcon over a game of Go Fish.

After, a customer comes in with a binder full of every Twilight Zone trading card featuring every actor on the show, complete with the signatures from each actor. Walt and the guys reminisce about The Twilight Zone - but unfortunately, Walt tells the man that the Stash has a "no trading card" rule. Walt says he knows the cards could fetch a great price, but he can't take them.

Later, Billy Dee Williams comes back to duke it out with Walt for the Millennium Falcon. The cards are dealt. Billy Dee asks Walt to roll up his sleeves. Then, Billy Dee Williams takes Walt for pair after pair. "You're not that good at Go Fish," Bryan whispers to Walt. At the podcast, Ming tells Kevin it was not a friendly game at all. At the card table, Mr. Williams continues to dominate the game. In no time, he's down to one card left. "You're one card away from being carbonite," Bryan says to Walt. Mr. Williams asks for a 9, and Walt collapses onto the table. "I can't believe I just lost the Millennium Falcon to Lando Calrissian."

The guys pack the Millennium Falcon onto Billy Dee Williams' car. Walt says he's happy to see the spaceship go back where it belongs. "Before you go," Walt says, "your word: not a scratch." Billy Dee Williams laughs and walks away. "Get outta here, Walt, you old pirate."