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Season 4, Episode 13

Sucka M.C.

Hip hop legend Darryl McDaniels of Run DMC brings his new comic in to the Stash. The guys look at a classic Marvel Silver Age #1 issue.

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Kevin asks the guys if any new products came through the doors that week. Walt tells Kevin the Stash acquired one of the last affordable Marvel Silver Age issues ever...

At the Stash, a customer comes in with Prince Namor, The Sub-Mariner #1 from 1968. "He looks like Spock in speedos," Bryan says. Walt opens up the comic and sees it's been autographed by John Romita, Roy Thomas, and many more. Walt says he willing to take the risk that the signatures are authentic if the price is right. The man asks for $100, but Walt talks him down to $75.

Later, Darryl McDaniels of Run-D.M.C. walks into the store. "I've come to check out the Mecca," he says, taking in the Stash. Ming says he didn't realize Darryl was so into comics. Darryl explains that comics made him who he is. "There would be no Run DMC if it weren't for comic books." He tells the guys that comic characters gave him the confidence to rap onstage. Darryl wants to celebrate comic culture and gives the guys the first issue of the comic book he produced under his comic label, Daryl Makes Comics.

Walt says he'd be honored to carry DMC comics in the Stash. Bryan says he would be more honored to see Ming take on The King of Rock, since Ming once said he wanted to be a professional rapper. The guys goad Ming into taking the bait, and Darryl says if Ming can beat him in a rap battle, he'll put Ming on a record.

Later, a customer comes into the Stash looking to get rid of three Marvel What If? comics. Walt and Mike reminisce about the What If? comics they read as kids. The man says he wants to sell them to raise money for a video game console to donate to a community center; he's hoping for $50. Walt can't go that high, but since it's a good cause, he'll take a minor profit loss and gives the man $28 for his What If?s.

Darryl McDaniels returns for his rap battle against Ming. Bryan introduces the match: "On this side, you have the pioneer of an entire genre, one of the most legendary, if not the most legendary, hip hop groups of all time: Darryl "DMC" McDaniels. Straight out of Hollis." Then Bryan points to Ming, "And straight out of his condo in Shrewsbury because his wife let him leave the house today, Ming Chen." Darryl offers Ming the first verse, and Ming reads off his rhymes. Walt, Bryan and Mike laugh silently in the background, but when he's done they all give him a round of applause.

At the podcast, Walt says, "I have never had more respect for you than when you stood up to the plate and you went nose to nose with DMC." Kevin says he noticed a pig fly by.

At the Stash, it's Darryl's turn: he tells the guys he's delivering his rhymes not to Ming, but to all the Sucka M.C.s who think they can stand up to the King. He spits rhymes off the cuff and completely dominates the battle.

At the podcast, Kevin says he's sorry he missed that day at the Stash since he would have loved to meet DMC. Ming tells Kevin he felt bad that Kevin wasn't there, so he planned a surprise: he calls Darryl McDaniels into the room. Kevin jumps up and gives Darryl a hug. "You have been, for 30 years, one of my biggest heroes," Kevin says. He credits the declarative self-assurance of Run-D.M.C. for giving him the confidence to make Clerks. Darryl says that's exactly what he and the group wanted - to inspire their fans to see themselves in Run-D.M.C.'s music.