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Season 4, Episode 12

Secret Stashley

Kevin's assistant Ashley brings her feminine wiles to the Stash and learns about comic book retail. A pair of pro wrestlers wants to sell their comic.

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At the podcast, Kevin asks Walt, Bryan, Mike and Ming what happened at the store that week. Walt asks Kevin if he was into wrestling as a kid...

At the Stash, pro wrestlers Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian bring in a comic book they created, hoping Walt will sell it in the store. Christopher tells Walt they wanted to make something for the younger wrestling fans, so they teamed up with artist Art Baltazar at Aw Yeah Comics to make a comic book. Walt proposes a thumb war between Ming and Frankie Kazarian to decide. It's a tense moment, a flurry of thumbs, but Ming wins! "In our business, that's called doing a favor," Frankie says. Walt says he'd be more than willing to carry the comics in his store and they close the deal.

Later, a customer comes in looking for a Doctor Who Cyperman bust. Walt admits he's not the biggest Doctor Who fan. The woman explains a little about the Time Lord to Walt. After his lesson, Walt says he wants $125 for the Cyperman figure, but the woman explains it's an anniversary present for her husband and she's wondering if he can do a little better. Walt settles on $100, and the customer walks away happy.

Then, Kevin's assistant, Ashley, walks into the store, ready to spend a week working at the Stash. At the podcast, Kevin explains that when Ashley isn't helping him get through day-to-day life, she's the face of the Smodcast network's "Jay and Silent Bob's Top 5 Comic Countdown" YouTube series. Since she only knows the Stash from a distance, Kevin sends Ashley to the store to learn more about the store and the guys. "This is going to be a baptism by fire," Walt tells her.

A customer comes to the counter looking for a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Psylocke statue. Ashley starts a conversation with the Psylocke fan and they connect right away. Walt and the guys are taken aback by the interaction. Walt's looking for $125 for the figure. The customer is hesitant when she learns that Walt's best offer is $100. She says she could probably find a better price online and is about to walk away. "Wait!" Ashley chimes in, and tells her shipping and handling will probably cost a lot anyway and it'll take a few weeks to arrive. "But you could walk out of here right now with this," she says. "You're right, you've convinced me!" the customer says, and Ashley makes her first sale.

At the podcast, Kevin asks "Do you think having a feminine touch helped in this negotiation?" Walt says he didn't even know it was something he needed.

Later, Ashley gets her second customer: a man looking to sell a Batman ë66 replica utility belt. Walt says it's easily one of the best replicas he's seen. The man says he wants to get $300 for it. Right away, Ashley tells him that's too much: "This is what you're gonna do. You're going to sell this to me for $175 and we're all gonna walk out happy." She gives him a smile and it doesn't take the man long to give in. "What just happened?" Walt says. "This is a new era of negotiation for the Stash," Bryan laughs.

Walt calls Ashley into the backroom, where Mike, Ming and Bryan are sitting around the table. He says he's got his roster of Avengers almost full, but he's missing his Black Widow and he wants to offer Ashley a place at the Stash. Ashley says she's flattered, but she couldn't work at the Stash full time. "No hard feelings, Walt," she says.

At the podcast, Kevin says he understands. Even though he and the guys work their dream job, not everyone wants to talk about what would happen if Walt and Bryan kissed in the negative zone.