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Season 4, Episode 11

My Favorite Munster

Available now for AMC Premiere subscribers. Butch Patrick, TV's Eddie Munster, drops by the Stash. A Star Wars action figure so rare it was never officially released lands on the counter.

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At the podcast, Kevin asks Walt, Bryan, Mike and Ming what's been going on in the Fatman's comic book store that week. Walt starts off by saying one of the greatest toy mysteries of all time was solved...

At the Stash, a man comes in with one of the rarest Star Wars action figures in existence: a Rocket-Firing Boba Fett Prototype from Kenner Toys. "These are not supposed to exist," Walt says. The man tells them that when the toy was just about to be released, Kenner Toys thought it could be choking hazard and shut down the whole line.

Back at the podcast, Kevin calls the Boba Fett toy an "urban legend" and they all speculate about Boba Fett's lasting popularity. At the Stash, the man even has a letter of authenticity to prove it's the real deal -- and he's looking for $50,000. "You can't find these anywhere else," he says, and even though Walt agrees with him, he can't make the sale.

Later, Rob Bruce walks in with a special guest: Butch Patrick, who played Eddie Munster on The Munsters. Walt reveals he was always a huge fan of The Munsters and says he always wanted to be Eddie Munster's best friend when he was younger. Butch Patrick says he's happy to have been a part of something that affected so many people in a positive way. Walt asks Butch Patrick if he'll sign a copy of his Monster World #2. While he signs the magazine, Mr. Patrick says he actually has the suit he used to wear in his car, since he just came from a comic con. Walt is on cloud nine when Mr. Patrick presents the old suit. Mr. Patrick says the suit was probably the worst part of the show for him, since he thought it was a "sissy suit" back when he was eleven and twelve. But Walt says he loves it. Rob Bruce reminds Butch that he has to get on a flight and they both leave with the werewolf costume.

Later, a customer comes in looking for Preacher #1. She says she grew up in a conservative religious household and she got into Preacher because it challenges the idea of a system that she was forced to learn. She's excited to have her hands back on the issue after a flood destroyed her collection two years ago. Mike chimes in and says he can relate: he lost his comic collection to Hurricane Sandy as well. Mike says they're asking $199.95, but because he can help her build her collection, he'll give it to her for $165. She's happy to get the issue back and says she needs one last thing -- a hug from Mike.

A man comes in with the electronic T-Rex toy from Jurassic Park. At the podcast, Kevin says there's something about dinosaurs that captures every kid's imagination. Walt asks Kevin if he would go to a real-life Jurassic Park. "Not the first week! I saw the movies!" he says, but after it's been vetted and tested, he says he'd give it a try. At the Stash, Walt asks the man why he's selling it, and he says that since the new movie is coming out, there might be some new interest. He's looking for $300, but Walt says he probably wouldn't be able to sell it at that price and can't make the deal.

At the podcast, Kevin says, "The all-seeing eye of Agamotto has blinked and the show is over," and the gang signs off.