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Season 4, Episode 8


Walt has a business proposition for original Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson. A customer comes in to sell cartoon shampoo bottles from the '60s.

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"What's going on in the front lines of hard core heavy duty comic book retail?" Kevin asks Walt, Bryan, Mike and Ming at the podcast. Walt tells Kevin how a piece of comic book history came through the doors...

A man walks into The Stash with a program from the Super DC Con from 1976, which features stories about the history of DC Comics and Superman. The program is covered in the autographs of comic book legends like Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the creators of Superman. Walt asks what the man is looking to get for it, and the customer says he wants $5,000. Mike says there's no way The Stash could move it at that price, but advises the customer to take it to auction and possibly earn even more money. Walt says he would love to put it on display in The Stash - "It would be like having the Declaration of Independence behind us" - but he thanks the man for bringing it in.

Later, a special guest strolls into The Stash: Ernie Hudson, one of the original Ghostbusters. Walt tells Kevin at the podcast that he ran into Ernie Hudson at a convention and asked him to entertain a business proposition. When Ernie walks into the store, Walt lays it on him: he wants to deliver comics to kids in an ice cream truck. "You want me to help you trick kids?" Ernie asks, a little unconvinced. But he sees that Walt has a vision and says he'll do it.

Walt, Bryan, Mike, Ming and Ernie Hudson walk out of the store dressed in their new snazzy uniforms. Walt takes the gang to the ice cream truck, which he names Comic-Car 1. Walt says Comic-Car 1 is going to change how people buy comics.

The gang drives around Red Bank and finally settles on the perfect spot. Comic-Car 1 plays the ice cream jingle and sure enough, the guys get their first customer. A little girl asks for an ice cream cone, but Walt says he's not selling ice cream today. "Don't despair!" he says, "We've got comics!" He pulls out a menu of the comics selections, with Ghostbusters as the special of the day.

Back at The Stash, a customer brings in a few Soakies from 1966: bubble bath bottles shaped like popular characters. Walt and Bryan reminisce about their own bath times from when they were younger. Walt says if he's going to carry any of the Soakies, it has to be Superman. "It's Superman's world, we're just living in it," he says. The customer says he wants $75 for the Superman Soaky, but Walt talks him down to $50.

In Comic-Car 1, the guys find a new spot to sell comics. When a new batch of customers stop by, Ernie asks the kids what he can get them - but then tells them the truck doesn't have any ice cream. Instead, he hands them three autographed copies of Ghostbusters. After a slew of happy customers, Walt tells Ernie he's a natural at selling comics.

At the end of the day, Mike calculates the profit from their new business venture. After the costumes, the truck rental, the gas and the comics, Mike says that they made a profit of $17. Walt is excited for turning a profit on the first day, but Ernie is less impressed. He tells Walt to hang on to the dream, but says he's out of the Comic-Car game.