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Season 4, Episode 6

Bat Prints

Walt considers buying hand and foot prints of Adam West and Burt Ward from the Batman TV show. A customer sells a rare set of Star Wars comic strips.

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"Now you know I don't care if you ever make money in this store, but I do care that you have stories to tell," Kevin says to Walt, Bryan, Mike and Ming at the podcast, and he asks what happened that week. Walt says something pretty cool came into The Stash...

A woman comes in with a collection of Star Wars newspaper comic reprints drawn by Al Williamson - autographed and limited edition. At the podcast, Kevin and Walt reminisce about patiently waiting for the Star Wars comics in the newspaper every day. The woman is looking for $500 for the whole collection, but Walt says the box is showing signs of its age, being over 20 years old. He asks if she'll go down to $225, but she prods him to go up to $250. Walt agrees.

Later, a man comes in with a piece of Batman history. He asks the guys to step outside because it's too heavy to bring in. Confused but curious, Walt, Ming and Bryan walk outside and the man pops the trunk of his car. "Oh, no way!" Walt says. "A piece of sidewalk!" Bryan exclaims. The man reveals a plaster cast of Adam West and Burt Ward's hands, footprints and autographs, which was featured at the Movieland Wax Museum in Orlando, Florida. The man even has a photo to prove its authenticity.

Walt says it's easily the most unique piece ever brought to The Stash. He asks if he can line his hands up with Adam West's; it's almost a perfect fit. Ming tries as well...but his fingers fall a little short. The man says he wants to sell it to help him build his ë66 Batman boat. He's looking to sell it for $1,500. Walt concedes there's no way Adam West and Burt Ward would do the same kind of piece for anything less than $1,000, but he still can't go higher than $800. The man can't part with it for less than that, and Walt has to walk away.

Later, a man brings to the counter a familiar - but tiny - face. "What the heck is this? Is that supposed to be me?" Ming says as he looks at the man's puppet: it's a tiny version of Ming, with a photo of Ming's face glued to the front. Walt says he would love real strings attached to Ming's real limbs. The man explains he came all the way from Texas to actually pick up some action figures of The Tick. Walt lays down the prices for each of the three figures The Stash owns, but he says that the man can have all three in exchange for the Ming puppet. "We'll give it a good home, I promise you," Walt says.

Later, a man walks in and says he has a very big toy he's looking to sell. Ming goes outside to help him bring it in: it's the G.I. Joe Defiant from 1987. He's looking to sell the full three vehicles and exclusive figures for $600. Walt is out of the running, but Ming, the resident G.I. Joe fan, ponders it. He wants it, but feels like it's too big and has to say no.

At the podcast, Kevin says "Half the fun is seeing your childhood again, and you're like 'This is amazing!' and then they tell you the price, and you say, 'Seeing is enough!'" He tells Ming at least he won't have to see the toy that got away for at least another ten years.