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Season 4, Episode 4

Super Baby

Available now for AMC Premiere subscribers. The guys agree to help out a friend and babysit her daughter for the afternoon. An Indiana Jones superfan tries to sell rare items from the films.

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"Fee fi fo fum, tell me tales of comic-dom!" Kevin says to Walt, Bryan, Mike and Ming at the podcast. Walt starts off by telling Kevin about a man who came into the store who might be the biggest Indiana Jones fan ever...

A man walks into the Stash dressed head-to-toe like Indiana Jones, and he's looking to sell rare antiquities - just like Indy himself. He shows the guys a rare lunchbox, which was given only to the crew of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull during filming. Unfortunately, the lunchbox is a little too unrecognizable for Walt to take it on at the Stash. But the Indy superfan has something else: a Chachapoyan Fertility Idol with Harrison Ford's signature. Walt is impressed, but Bryan isn't sure its real. The Indy fan asks for $1000, but Walt says he can't go that high for something that isn't authenticated. The Indy fan won't part with such a hot-ticket item for less than a grand, so he leaves with his idol.

Later, a customer walks in with the very first Marvel and DC Comics crossover, "Battle of the Century," featuring Superman vs. Spider-Man. Walt calls the book historic, saying, "Every comic book fan should have this in their library." The customer explains that this book is what helped him read as a child, and now he wants to sell it to raise money for a grant to get kids into comics, in the hope it'll help them start reading as well. He asks for $50, and Walt agrees, "for the cause alone."

After, Ming's friend and repeat customer Kari brings her baby daughter, Quinn, into the store. Kari needs to go to a job interview, and Ming offered to babysit with the rest of the gang at the Stash. As soon as Kari leaves, Walt decides Quinn needs a superhero name. "What about Malter? Like a combination between Mike and Walter." He tries to imagine what it would be like to raise a baby at the Stash.

When a man comes into the store with a Bulletman figure from the '70s, Walt is carrying Malter behind the counter. The man wants to sell the figure for $250, but Baby Quinn - a.k.a. Malter - starts to cry. "I think Malter would stop crying at about $50." Mike points out that the toy is incomplete and also has a tear on its front. Walt says he can go up to $100, but no higher. "Can you refuse this face?" The customer shakes on it, and Walt rings in Malter's first transaction.

Walt tells Kevin he and the guys bonded with Malter during her stay at the store. When Kari comes back to pick her up, the guys are a little sorry to see her go. Walt tells Malter she always has a place at the Stash.