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Season 4, Episode 3

Stand Up Guys

Walt challenges the guys to perform stand up comedy at the Stash. A collector brings in key Marvel comics from the 1960s.

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Full Recap

At the podcast, Kevin asks Walt, Bryan, Mike and Ming what happened this week in the great state of New Jersey. Walt starts off by saying a guy came into the store that he definitely made a connection with...

At The Stash, a man comes in with an impressive collection of comics: X-Men #1, Amazing Spider-Man #1, Avengers #1, Fantastic Four #1 and Fantastic Four #48. Walt fawns over the Fantastic Four #1, saying "this might be the most important comic book in Marvel comics history." The customer, Gary, reveals that he's a dealer as well as a collector, with over 800,000 comics of his own. By his estimation, Gary says there's about $11,000 on the counter. Walt goes after just one - Fantastic Four #48 - the first appearance of the Silver Surfer. Gary asks for $275, but Walt asks him to come down to $200. "Did I have $75 worth of fun today?" Gary asks aloud, and then shakes on the deal with Walt.

Later, Walt finds Brian Quinn - a co-host with Walt and Bryan on the podcast "Tell Em Steve Dave" - laughing with Bryan, Mike and Ming in the back of the store. "At this point, why don't you guys just do stand-up?" Walt asks them. Walt says they can host an open-mic at the Stash and do comic book jokes. The gang accepts his challenge.

Later, a customer brings in a REMCO Creature From the Black Lagoon figure. As Walt relays the story at the podcast, Kevin teases Walt for still carrying a flag for dopey universal monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster. The customer wants to part with his gill-monster to pay for a new stove for his kitchen. Walt asks if he can go down to $150, but the customer can't part with his Creature for less than $200. "Back to the lagoon with you!" says Bryan, as the customer leaves with his monster.

After, The Stash is visited by an unusual guest: a woman dressed head-to-toe as The Baroness from G.I. Joe. She says she's wearing the outfit to inspire the guys to buy something off of her - a Baroness action figure and card from 1984. "It's like she just walked out of the card," Ming says. The Baroness says she got the figure at a JoeCon, but now she wants to sell it to raise money for cat charities, to help cats with diabetes, disabilities and other afflictions that make it hard for them to get adopted. She's looking for $75, but Ming says the store can only make a profit if they take it for $40. But since the money will go to a good cause, Walt encourages the guys to pitch in, and The Baroness walks out with $75 to help save animals.

The night of the open mic arrives and The Stash is transformed into a comedy lounge - with a full house. Brian Quinn MCs the event, while Sunday Jeff plays the drums to punctuate the punchlines. Ming is the first onstage, delivering comic book jokes and impressions. His act leaves something to be desired, but his joke about Batman's toys kills. Then it's Mike's turn onstage, with help from a puppet to deliver his jokes. Bryan is last, with no props and no frills, but he has the audience in stitches.

Once the show is over, it's up to an audience vote-by-applause. Bryan wins by nearly unanimous applause from the crowd.