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Season 4, Episode 1

Heir Apparent

Kevin Smith sends his daughter Harley to the Stash to learn how to be a clerk. A customer sells his rare and unusual Rocky action figures.

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At the recording studio, Kevin, Walt, Bryan, Mike and Ming assemble for another podcast episode of The Secret Stash. Kevin asks the gang about any cool items that came into the store that week and Walt tells Kevin about some Rocky figures he knows Kevin would have loved...

At the Stash, a customer brings in four rare Rocky collectibles, including a figurine of "the meat" that Rocky punches in the first film. "That's the most insane figure I've ever seen," Walt tells the client. Still, he wants them. The man asks $1,800 for all four, but Walt seals the deal at $1,125.

Later, a customer wants to sell pages of original Fool Killer art - which happens to be Walt's favorite Marvel series. Kevin tells Mike, Ming and Bryan that Fool Killer is like Taxi Driver meets the Marvel universe. The customer wants to sell the original art for a new hockey stick and he asks for $400, but accepts Walt's offer of $300 because he knows they will go to a good home.

Suddenly, Jason Mewes walks into the store with a special guest: Kevin Smith's daughter, Harley Quinn. Kevin is making a new film in which his daughter plays a clerk, so Harley stops by the store to better inform her role.

Harley's clerking education begins when a customer comes into the store looking to sell her "zombie babies." "That looks illegal," Walt says immediately, looking at the gruesome toddler dolls. But Harley thinks they might sell. When the customer names her price for her custom-made pieces, Walt pulls Jason and Harley into a huddle to train Harley in the art of the counter-offer. After a Rocky-esque ringside pep talk, Harley delivers her final price. The customer agrees, and the two seal the deal with a handshake.

Later, a customer comes in to take a closer look at a Green Hornet and Kato statue. Ming schools Harley and the guys on Kato - the Green Hornet's lesser known partner, who actually dominated the The Green Hornet television show when it aired in Asia. He tells the guys, "When this show goes to China, they might just call it The Ming Show!"

However, Mike cuts the lesson short to say that the Stash is looking to sell the figure for $175. The Green Hornet super-fan goes to check his wallet...but he only has $156. Mike tells Harley she's in the hot seat now. Harley considers the man's love for The Green Hornet and accepts his offer of $150. Bryan tells Kevin he was disappointed in Harley's humanity.

"No kidding around," Walt tells Harley at the podcast table, "If the movie thing doesn't work out, I got a place for you at the Stash." Kevin says that thought should terrify him, but instead it makes him happy.