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Season 3, Episode 7

Dukes of Jersey

Available now for AMC Premiere subscribers. A Dukes of Hazzard fan stops by the shop in his General Lee to show off his collection of show memorabilia. Walt encounters his first 'brony.'

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The Dukes of Hazzard enthusiast Tom Felice enters Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash looking to sell a box full of Dukes memorabilia. Though Walt isn’t interested in the items for the store, he decides to take a Dukes calculator for himself and offers the guys the chance to pick something as well. Ming chooses a Dukes ID case, Bryan a (broken) Dukes radio, and Mike a Dukes watch. Walt is only willing to pay $40 for the lot, but throws in an extra $10 in exchange for a ride in Tom's replica of the General Lee, which is parked in front of the Stash. The guys all head outside to take a spin in the car -- with Walt in the front and Ming, Mike, and Bryan all crammed in the back -- which features series-correct details including a compound bow, a CB radio, road flares made to look like sticks of dynamite, and jugs for moonshine. Separately, Walt buys two key issues of The Amazing Spider-Man: #14 (the first appearance of Green Goblin) and #122 (the death of Green Goblin). Walt also purchases a Thor artist proof mini-bust from a self–described "Brony" (a male My Little Pony fan) after passing on buying several Pony figures from him. Walt also sells a Mego Star Trek USS Enterprise playset to a customer looking to replace the one he borrowed from his cousin and broke when he was a child.