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Season 3, Episode 4

USS Ming

Ming's interest is piqued when he has a chance to buy an oversized toy from the '80s. A customer needs help taking his wife out on the perfect date.

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At Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, a doctor brings in two G.I. Joe toys: the Cobra Terror Drome and the USS Flagg, a toy aircraft carrier that's one of the largest playsets ever made. The doc is looking to sell the toys to help fund production of a set of flashcards which will teach doctors toxicology using comic book-style illustrations. Though Walt isn't interested in the toys, Ming (who briefly possessed a Terror Drome as a kid) excitedly takes them to the back of the store, where he and the doctor fully assemble the carrier on the Stash's poker table. After considering buying both toys, Ming eventually purchases the USS Flagg for $550, plus an agreement to sell the doctor's flashcards at the Stash. Separately, another seller brings in an autographed copy of Marvel's 9/11 tribute comic, Heroes, which includes a poem by Kevin Smith. After learning the seller plans to donate the money to the Feel Good Foundation, a charity which helps injured firefighters, Walt immediately agrees to the initial asking price and then decides to pay even more. Additionally, Ming negotiates the purchase of a Justice League of America United lithograph signed by artist Howard Porter from a seller looking to raise enough money to take his wife to Atlantic City for a Donnie and Marie show.