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Season 3, Episode 2

To The Batcave

Walt and the guys get invited to an actual Batcave. A customer wants to sell his collection of original Star Wars action figures.

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At Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, a customer asks if the store has a Hot Toys Batman DX12 figure in stock. The customer, a Batman superfan named Chris Weir, wants the toy to add to his extensive Batman collection, which he reveals he keeps in a customized Batcave that he built in the basement of his home. In the course of negotiating for the toy, Chris invites the guys to over to see his Batcave that weekend, and everyone but Mike (who has to attend a wedding) accepts. When Walt, Bryan and Ming arrive at Chris's house, they're greeted by a walkie-talkie set out on the porch. Via the walkie, Chris directs the guys to enter the seemingly deserted house and head down to the basement, where they find a rec room filled with Batman collectibles. Again via the walkie, Chris directs them to a bust of William Shakepseare, which flips open to reveal a red button, just like in the 1960s Batman TV series. Pressing the button opens the door to a secret Batcave where they find Chris waiting for them. The Batcave features faux cave walls, a full Batsuit, and a 120-inch movie screen. "It was literally like we were on the set of a Chris Nolan Batman film," says a delighted Walt. Separately, Walt purchases a set of 1977 Star Wars action figures with display (with an assist from Robert Bruce to determine their value), and also buys a 1976 Dakin Underdog vinyl figure from another seller.