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Season 2, Episode 15

Comic Charades

The guys play charades with a comic book twist. Walt has the chance to buy original artwork.

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Walt asks Ming to stick around at the Secret Stash and play comic book charades with him, Bryan, and Michael. Each takes a turn miming a well-known comic book character or franchise. Later, Walt passes on purchasing banned Transformers Megatron G-1 toy gun, buys an early sketch of The Sub-Mariner by renowned comic book artist George Perez, and sells a copy of Detective Comics #359 (the first appearance of Batgirl). Plus, Walt’s friend “Monster Bill” stops by. When they are unable to strike a deal for a rare Bride of Frankenstein model kit, Walt instead buys a limited edition “Monsters Frightening 4-Pack” kit from Bill on the condition that Bill will help him build the four monster models.